Skullgirls Tier List (April 2024): New Tier List

Skullgirls Tier List for (April 2024): When it comes to stylish and powerful characters, Skullgirls Mobile, a 2D role-playing fighter game, is hard to beat. Here is a ranking of the playable characters in Skullgirls Mobile based on their strengths and weaknesses, so you can choose the best one for your playthrough.

Skullgirls Tier List

Skullgirls Tier List: Ranks

Based on their results, we may classify these Skullgirls combatants into one of five distinct groups.

  • Naturally, the top-tier S fighters are the most formidable available. To be sure, they will aid a player in noting a decisive victory in a fight.
  • Tier A – Fighters in this tier have good performance and useful skills, and they have a proven track record of success in a variety of situations.
  • Tier B characters are still competent fighters, although they may have some gameplay issues.
  • Tier C fighters are generally competent but have several glaring limitations.
  • As is, “F” tier, not even worth a shot.

S Tier: Skullgirls Tier List

DoubleSeriously, where do we even begin with Double? She is fully armed with a wide variety of weapons and tools. Despite her strength, she is very simple to employ.

Double can avoid or minimise damage during battle because to her ability to safely reset. She can play well out of the neutral zone thanks to the zoning tools she possesses, and her wild combos are accessible to a variety of counters.
CerebellaFight enthusiasts will find Cerebella to be a paradise. She has significant frame advantages in her arsenal. Her blows have a powerful impact and can cause a lot of trouble for her foe. She relies heavily on grappling, making her difficult to control.

She moves slowly, but she has good mobility aids, if that makes any sense. If you want to win, you’d better put in some serious practise time with this fighter. In any case, you’ll reap considerable benefits if you finally do so.

A-Tier: Skullgirls Tier List

Big BandThere’s a good reason Big Band musicians are so prevalent on the web. It’s that high of a calibre of performance from him. He moves slowly and is a big target, but his strikes are powerful enough to overcome these disadvantages.

It’s conceivable that Big Band players will try to counter his super armour with their own. Using these against an opponent is akin to resorting to bullying. His parry mechanism is fantastic, but it’s tricky to pull off, especially against skilled opponents.
PeacockFights against Peacock are frustrating because of how difficult he is. To a certain extent, that’s true of any zoner, and Peacock is a perfect example. Her attacks from the middle and long range are devastating. She is also capable at close quarters combat.
Peacock’s mobility issues are a price to pay for the benefits she now enjoys in terms of her skill set.
BeowulfThe highest damage output available in the game. Incredibly amusing miscommunications, tick. Beowulf is competent because he has a high degree of mastery over his adversary. When his wrestling and grappling moves are executed perfectly, they can instantaneously stop the momentum of his opponent.

While his hype mechanic adds versatility to your arsenal, it is more difficult to master than that of other fighters.

B-Tier: Skullgirls Tier List

FiliaFilia’s strength and manoeuvrability make her a great fighter for novices. Her strikes are lightning fast and never expected. Additionally, she possesses the ability to instantly air dash and cancel her air dash, both of which are quite helpful in combat.
Ms. FortuneMs. Fortune, like Filia, is a nimble warrior who can rush down and punish her foes. In contrast, her extending limbs and missile options provide her superior zoning abilities.

Ms. Fortune improves upon the conventional close-range combatant by incorporating zoning and puppet mechanics. The final product is a reliable fighter with sturdy mechanisms.
FukuaMaining Filia? Fukua is a great way to switch things up. Their playstyles are different enough to confuse opponents, although they share some comparable moves (which makes sense, given that Fukua is a clone). Fukua can’t air dash, but he can double jump.
Inadequate, but she makes up for it with superior zoning options. Defensive potential is where Fukua falls short, and that’s why she’s ranked lower.
ValentineNowadays, Valentine is rarely used. However, she is still a good option to consider. She’s your standard ninja, using quick attacks and elaborate aerial combos to win the fight.

There is a price to pay for all this speed, unfortunately. In contrast to other parties, Valentine’s attacks are pathetic. Work hard to keep up her combinations if you want to take a big bite out of the enemy’s health.

C-Tier: Skullgirls Tier List

SquiglySquiggly have everything necessary for victory. Each of her ostensible strengths comes with a hidden vulnerability, though. Her zoning skills are impressive, but her strikes move somewhat slowly. Her combos feature effective mix-ups, but pulling them off calls for timing and familiarity with her stances.
In general, Squigly relies too heavily on the player’s dedication to mastering her arsenal.
ParasoulOne of the main reasons why Parasoul is so well-liked is her usefulness as a support. But she’s only an ordinary fighter by herself. She has decent dance skills, but her poor mobility, especially in the air, is a major turnoff.
She is a very technical fighter who relies on nuanced traps, glides, and setups that may be challenging for newcomers.
ElizaHear us out, okay? While Eliza can be formidable in the hands of novices, she is useless in the hands of experts. She deals a lot of damage for how simple she is to use. Playing against her a few times dispels the notion that she is an overpowered fighter.
Competing players with more experience can readily find strategies to counter her moves. She has a lot of moving parts, yet she’s still flat and uninteresting.

F-Tier: Skullgirls Tier List

PainwheelDespite claims that Painwheel is a “master of aerials,” her routine fails to back up these claims. She relies on her teammates’ help and the player’s ability to set up easy basket opportunities for her mismatches to thrive.
Don’t get us wrong, if you’re a master at the controls, Painwheel is a formidable opponent. Except in exceptional cases, she’s usually at a disadvantage.
Robo-FortuneRobo simply lacks the appropriate equipment to compete with the other combatants on this list. Her damage is low, her defence is average, and her mobility is merely adequate.
Her zoning skill is her strongest suit, although it becomes tediously predictable after a while.

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In the world of mobile games, Skullgirls Mobile stands out as something unique. This is because of how it takes a fresh approach to both gameplay and character design.

The game’s adorable and cartoony aesthetic may also bring to mind games like Genshin Impact and Pokemon Masters EX. However, it provides a vastly unique experience compared to those video games. You can count on fast-paced action, strategic combination execution, and rapid thinking in Skullgirls Mobile.

When you add a plot that involves ancient parasites, dubious scientific research, and international conflict, you have a serious and compelling mobile game.

Download Skullgirls Mobile from the official website and begin amassing the required varieties to improve your fighting game skills.

Everything you need to know about the top choices in Skullgirls can be found on our tier list. Alternately, you may check out the other games in the Skullgirls series.

The PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions of the original Skullgirls game are now available. Skullgirls 2nd Encore, meanwhile, is out in re-release for PC, PS Vita, and PS4.

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