SCP Tower Defense Codes (May 2024)

SCP Tower Defense Codes (May 2024): In the Roblox game SCP Tower Defense, you must use a range of towers and skills to protect your base from waves of SCPs. Although the game can be played for free, there are some in game goodies that can be bought with real money.

SCP Tower Defense codes are freebies that can be redeemed for in game currency, such as coins and shards. These codes are released by the developer, Mashiusam, on a regular basis. You can find the latest codes on the SCP Tower Defense wiki or on social media.

SCP Tower Defense Codes
SCP Tower Defense Codes (May 2024)

SCP Tower Defense Codes (Working)

beastFree Rewards (NEW)
ThanksFor50MFree Rewards (NEW)
renewalFree Rewards
economyFree Rewards
mapsFree Rewards
summerFree Rewards
fixes1,000 Coins
Moneybags177 Tokens
valkyrie50 Tokens
buffsFree Rewards
questplus500 Coins
Pass1,000 Coins & 100 Shards
ThanksFor40M2,500 Coins & 250 Shards

Expired SCP Tower Defense Codes

CORE800 Coins
Minigun1,000 Coins
Balance300 Coins & 30 Shards
rabbit3,000 Coins & 300 Shards (Free)
FlamesCoins & Shards
xmas2022Coins & Shards
Winter40 Tokens
antikillCoins & Shards
ThanksFor30MCoins & Shards
chainsCoins & Shards
dboiCoins & Shards
scarletCoins & Shards
specterCoins & Shards
ThanksFor20MCoins & Shards
doctorCoins & Shards
NewJourney500 Coins
right handCoins & Shards
libraryCoins & Shards
balefireCoins & Shards
skinsCoins & Shards
guardCoins & Shards
badgesCoins & Shards
evolutionCoins & Shards
mad hatterCoins & Shards
ThanksFor10MCoins & Shards
Red LakeCoins & Shards
shy guyCoins & Shards
ChaosCoins & Shards
Mole RatsCoins & Shards
ThanksFor5MCoins & Shards
GadgetsCoins & Shards
XKClass800 Coins
Able75 Shards
ThanksFor1M1,500 Coins & 150 Shards
ThanksFor500K1,000 Coins & 100 Shards

How to Redeem SCP Tower Defense Codes?

In Roblox SCP Tower Defense, redeeming tickets for no-cost rewards is simple. Observe the instructions below.

  • Start the game.
  • Choose the DAILY REWARDS & CODES button from the menu on the right side of the screen.
  • A new window will open with a text box where you may enter each functional code.
  • Click Claim to get your free gift.

Where can I find additional SCP Tower Defense codes?

Join the official Discord server for the game to get news, updates & to chat with other players to find additional codes. Otherwise, we’ll be updating this wiki frequently with all of the most latest codes, so be sure to check back!

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