Roblox Anti AFK Script (May 2024): New Working Script

Roblox Anti AFK Script: There are various anti-AFK scripts out there; here is the definitive collection of working anti-AFK scripts for every game on Roblox so that you may play freely without fear of being banned from its server. Roblox boasts of being the ultimate online playground; even with long waiting times for many user-made 3D games it has something for everyone – from long wait time free-to-play ones, through to user made three dimensional titles created specifically by users and much more!

Roblox games with long wait times have now started booting you off the server if it detects you aren’t actively participating at that moment in time.

Roblox typically allows an inactivity time limit of 20 minutes before taking action is taken against players for being idle; however, in certain instances just 5 seconds of idleness could get you kicked from playing. To help protect you against this happening to you, we offer the top anti-AFK script for Roblox immediately!

Roblox Anti AFK Script

Roblox Anti AFK Script (New Working)

The Roblox AntiAFK script can be downloaded by clicking the Sample Code just below.

All it takes to get started downloading the Roblox AntiAFK script.

loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

How Can I Execute Roblox Anti AFK Script?

The Roblox Anti-AFK script requires a high-quality Roblox executor to run properly on your computer or mobile device.

Here we will use Hydrogen Executor to run the anti-AFK script. Just in case you haven’t gotten Hydrogen Executor yet, here’s what you need to do to get it:

  • As the first step, you should download Hydrogen Executor from its official website.
  • Once the executor is downloaded, it must be installed and used to obtain its key.
  • To obtain Hydrogen Key, open up the Roblox Hydrogen app and click “Get Key.”
  • Clicking will copy a link directly into your clipboard.
  • After copying and pasting, open your browser and paste it in the search bar of your search engine – this link should take you directly to Linkvertise website.
  • Follow a few steps on the Linkvertise website to obtain your Hydrogen key.
  • After that, you’ll receive your Hydrogen Key.
  • Once you have obtained the key, open Hydrogen Executor again and click “Verify.” A pop-up message will read: “Verified! Have Fun!” and confirm that Hydrogen Executor is now ready to execute scripts.
  • Now, click on the /> symbol and paste in your anti-AFK script.
  • After pasting, click the Play button.
  • there is to it.


Information provided thus far should have provided clarity regarding “Roblox Anti AFK Script.” If additional knowledge is desired, read this page thoroughly and consider posting your questions or issues in the comments area of this page.

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