Risk of Rain 2 Locations Guide & Map of shrine of order

Gearbox’s Risk of Rain offers several shrines that may be of interest to you. These range from common to uncommon, with one particularly hard-to-locate gem being the Shrine of Order. It holds significant potential whether this Shrine helps your current game succeed or even fail is uncertain!

This time, we’re going to help you discover where The Shrines of Order are in Risk of Rain 2. If you’re having trouble locating them, rest assured that we have your back – let’s dive right in!

Risk of Rain 2 Locations Guide & Map of shrine of order

Where are the Shrines of Ordnance in the Risk of 2nd Rain

In Risk of Rain 2, the Shrine of Order is an intriguing structure that offers both rewards and danger. To find them, one must travel to The Commencement or Rallypoint Delta; these locations could occasionally appear randomly elsewhere but only rarely. These shrines are easily identified by their highly symmetrical design.

It is easy to spot the Shrine from afar due to its grey, concrete-like exterior. However, in snowy conditions it may be harder to identify.

Like everything else in Risk of Rain 2, your only chance at finding the Shrine of the Order lies with RNG. Once you locate one, it can be a goldmine for RNG as you engage with it! In order to use these Shrines, you need to purchase Lunar Coins; additionally, each rarity reduces your inventory to one type of item.

Given that these shrines will randomly select which items can be kept, using them can be risky. On the other hand, however, they offer many advantages as well.

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