Randwick Races Today: Map & Guide (Randwick Racecourse)

Randwick Races Today: Royal Randwick is the center of horse racing in Sydney. It has a world-class, four-level grandstand that gives members and visitors a great view of the track and of Sydney as a whole. The “Theatre of the Horse” is a huge amphitheater built around the parade ring and connected to the ground level of the grandstand. The Epsom disabilty and the Doncaster Mile are two of the most important races at Randwick. The Everest is the richest sprint race on turf in the world.

Randwick Races Today

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At Sydney’s Royal Randwick, there are two tracks. With a circumference of 2227 meters, the course proper is the biggest turf racetrack in NSW. The home straight is 410 meters long and 28 meters wide. Horses race in a clockwise direction around a large, winding track that rises from the 300-meter mark to the winning post in the home stretch. When the rail is in the True position and the going is Good, most runners will have a chance.

At Randwick, there is a second, smaller inner course called Kensington. There aren’t as many runners on this course, so fast runners usually have an edge.

Map and guide to the barriers at Randwick Racecourse

For the 1000-, 1100-, and 1200-meter starts, the barrier stalls are in an angled chute at the back of the actual course. The run to the home turn is straight, so the inside barriers have a slight edge.

1400m: Starts in a chute at the back of the course, runs at an angle to the first corner, then goes straight to the home turn. Inside barriers have a slight advantage.

The 1600m is in a short chute at the back of the track. Straight run for 650m until the first turn. A slight advantage to being inside the barriers.

Randwick Races Today

1800m: Starts on the left side of the track on the course proper. Barriers don’t really matter.

The 2000m mark is on the turn right before the home stretch. Until they reach the back stretch of the course, runners are on a curve. Fields are small, and having inside barriers is a big plus, especially when the rail is out.

In the home straight of the 2400m, there are barriers in front of the grandstand. Barriers don’t really matter.

Every year, only one race, the Sydney Cup, is 3200m long. Winners have started from inside barrier 9 in the past few years.

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