Punch A Friend Codes (May 2024): All Working Codes

Punch A Friend Codes (May 2024): By utilizing our comprehensive catalog of Roblox Punch A Friend codes, you have the opportunity to acquire numerous free pets and boosts. As you are likely aware, accumulating substantial power is crucial for achieving the status of the ultimate fighter within your character. Consequently, strive to surpass significant barriers and advance through levels. Seize this moment to engage in battles against non-player characters (NPCs) and fellow players, while also undertaking missions that serve as a shortcut to success. It is important to note that the codes in this game are case-sensitive, so it is advisable to directly copy them from our provided list to simplify the redemption process.

What is Punch A Friend?

Punch a Friend is an interactive game on Roblox that requires players to effectively balance their time between training and combat for optimal outcomes. Engaging in training sessions enhances your strength, enabling you to defeat your friends more efficiently and earn rebirths for long-term advantages. On the other hand, participating in fights grants you victories, which unlock access to new areas and enable the purchase of additional pets to aid you in battles.

Punch A Friend Codes

Punch A Friend (Active)

All working codes are provided here below:

EK7125Win Potion (New)
LIKEFree Pet
X2WINS2x Wins Potion
RELEASEHappy Red Dragon Pet

How Can I Redeem Punch A Friend Codes?

RELEASERedeem for free Happy Red Dragon Pet
LIKERedeem for free Love Pet
X2WINSRedeem for one X2 Win Potion (30 minutes)
EK7125Redeem for one X2 Win Potion (30 minutes)

To access and Punch A Friend Codes within the game follow these steps:

  • Open the code box within the game interface.
  • Locate the Codes option in the right-side menu and click on it.
  • Enter the designated code into the provided box and proceed.
  • Once submitted, your rewards will promptly appear at the bottom section of the screen.

How Can I Get More Punch A Friend Codes

To gain access to additional codes we highly suggest joining official xFrozen Studios Twitter account. There you will get all latest news, updates and conversations between players as well as access additional codes! Alternatively this wiki will regularly be updated with any newly available codes; be sure to come back often as this section may change over time!

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