Prime Gaming FIFA 23 Rewards: Launch And Loot

Prime Gaming FIFA 23: When you link your Amazon Prime Gaming and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team accounts, you can get free FIFA 23 Ultimate Team awards. We show you how and which packs to acquire monthly.

The FIFA 23 season has begun, and Amazon Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime Pack) gives us free FUT packs. 12 await us. In the first few months of a new FUT season, these incentives may be huge. We’ll show you what to do and when FIFA 23 packs are available.

Prime Gaming FIFA 23 Pack Release Date

Since November 21st, FIFA23 has had access to the second Twitch Prime Gaming Pack. Following a successful connection between your Twitch and EA accounts, you may go ahead and claim it.

The 20th of every month, on a Monday, Prime Gaming Packs always release. Consequently, Prime Gaming Pack #3 ought to be accessible on Monday, December 19.

Prime Gaming FIFA 23

Prime Gaming FIFA 23 Rewards

The second iteration of the Twitch Prime Gaming Pack has been published by EA and Twitch just in time for the commencement of the World Cup and the Path to Glory event in FIFA 23. This time, we get eight player selections with two World Cup players apiece, seven rare gold players, two player picks with a minimum rating of 81, twelve rare consumables, and one Haaland loan item in 15 games.

Linking EA Account to Amazon Prime Gaming

Linking your accounts is the first step in claiming your benefits. You must first visit the Prime Gaming website and check in using your Amazon Prime Account.

You must connect your Prime Account to your EA Account once you’ve established it. Ensure that you sign in using the same account that you used to access the companion app, for instance. Make sure you have your login information available before proceeding.

Claiming Prime Gaming FIFA 23 Rewards

There are various methods to accomplish this, but visiting the “Games and Loot” section of the Prime website by clicking on your user name in the upper right corner is probably the simplest. You should then view the most recent FIFA Drop.

After that, click “Claim” and adhere to the directions. All you need to do is log back into FIFA Ultimate Team after collecting your prizes to access the store. Your Twitch Prime Gaming Pack ought to be included in the My Packs area.

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