Oppo Realme MTK Address Files Finder Free Tool

Realme MTK Address Files: Sophada has developed a small tool which enables users to download an authorization skip scatter file as well as displays FRP Format Address, Userdata Format Address and MIcloud Format Address. With this information you can format your device using this speech all thats required is access to an SP flash application which enables manual formatting options.

OPPO A1k_CPH1923_EX_11_A.19
OPPO A5s_CPH1909_11_A.27
OPPO A5s_CPH1912_EX_11_A.24
OPPO A9_CPH1837_EX_11_A.39
OPPO A9_CPH1938_EX_11_A.24
OPPO A31_CPH2015,CPH2073
OPPO A83_CPH1729_EX_11_A.27
OPPO A83_CPH1827_EX_11_A.27
OPPO F5_CPH1723_EX_11_A.41
OPPO F7 Youth_CPH1859_EX_11_A.32
OPPO F7_CPH1819_EX_11_A.43
OPPO F9 Pro_CPH1825_EX_11_A.11
OPPO F9 Pro_CPH1881_EX_11_A.11
OPPO F9_CPH1823_EX_11_A.20
OPPO F9_CPH1825_EX_11_A.20
OPPO F11 Pro_CPH1969_EX_11_A.35
OPPO F11 Pro_CPH1987_EX_11_A.17
OPPO F15_CPH2001_EX_11_A.13
OPPO F15_CPH2001_PUEX_11_C.39
OPPO R15_CPH1835_11_A.26
OPPO R15_CPH1835_EX_11_A.38
REALME 1_CPH1861_EX_11_C.45
REALME 3 RMX1821_EX_11_C.17
REALME C2 RMX1941_EX_11_A.30
REALME C2 RMX1941_EX_11_A.31
REALME C11 RMX2185_EX_11_A.81
OPPO Realme MTK Address Flash Scatter Files Finder Free Tool

OPPO Realme MTK Address Flash Scatter Files Finder Free Tool

Name: MTK_Addr_Files_V1.2.0_Setup.zip
Size: 1.30MB
Password: officialroms
Link: MediaFire || Userupload

Readme: Mediatek Auth Bypass Tool Free Tool by MCT Team V1.0 | No Activation Required

How To Use (Scatter File Finder Free Tool)?

  • Download Tool and setup in your computer
  • Now a brand new desktop shortcut is made
  • only run those file within an admin manner
  • You choose which versions document you may download
  • Just click a document and choose your place that those file has stored later download
  • should you want a Format address then click Get Address Button.


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