New Google Lens Feature: Android Users can search their Screen

Google Lens now includes a new visual search feature: Image recognition technology recognizes objects and messages in images providing pertinent information like names, locations, product or service details.

The Google Lens is accessible on both Android and iOS smartphones through the Google app or Google Photos, or visit the official webpage to gain access.

Google Lens can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Read Text with Google Lens: Google Lens can read both images and text, making it ideal for scanning business cards, signsboards, or other printed materials.
  • Identifying Object Google Lens can recognize objects in photos and provide descriptive details about them, such as flower names, bird species and automobile models.
  • Solving Math Problems Google Lens can recognize mathematical equations and provide solutions.
  • Google Lens can read and translate texts in a range of languages.

Google Lens is rapidly evolving with Google continually adding new feature and function that make it a better tool for visual search and information retrieval.

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New Google Lens feature Explained

During its Paris demo, Google unveiled AI-powered enhancements to Search, Maps, and Lens, with Lens getting a particularly helpful new feature.

Google Lens Users Can Soon Search Images and Videos with Just the Google Assistant: Android users using Google Lens will soon have the power to search images and videos using only their voice command. This feature will be accessible on countless websites and apps, providing users with insights into building types or recipes for cooking as well as car models without ever having to leave the image itself. “If you can see it,” Google stated in Paris when introducing this revolutionary new search capability.

Confused? The tweet below shows the newest Google Lens update recognising Luxembourg Palace in a friend’s video.

New Google Lens feature

New Google Lens feature: Other Features

Google promises the new feature in the future months but has not provided a timeline which, for our money, likely means February or March 2024.

Multisearch is being enhanced by Google as well. Google is also adding the ability to discover distinct shapes and colours of items taken by Lens in all supported languages and countries.

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