Neural Cloud Tier List (May 2024): Best Characters

Neural Cloud Tier List (May 2024): Neural Cloud is a turn based strategy gacha game set in a sci-fi universe. Players collect and train characters before pitting them against one another in various PVE and PVP modes. Furthermore the game offers an in depth character customization system so players can tailor their teams according to their playstyle preferences.

How to use this tier list

The tier list should be used as a guide not as a definitive list of best characters in game. The best characters for your team will depend on your playstyle and the content you are trying to clear. However the tier list can give you a good starting point for building your teams.

Neural Cloud Tier List

Tier List

This Tier List was formulated in order to assist players in selecting appropriate characters for their teams, taking my personal gameplay experience as well as feedback from experienced players into account. It categorizes characters into six Tiers – S+, S, A B C D.

S+ Tier

  • Evelyn
  • Croque Hubble
  • Earhart
  • Twigs

S Tier

  • Bonee
  • Python
  • Lam
  • Max

A Tier

  • Zion
  • Souchun Octogen
  • Daiyan
  • Fresnel
  • Haze
  • Millau
  • Hatsuchiri
  • Phantom

B Tier

  • Rise
  • Dushevnaya
  • Willow
  • Nora
  • Kurane
  • Persica
  • Helix
  • Gin
  • Jessie

C Tier

  • Betty
  • Nahita
  • Python
  • Betty
  • Nahita
  • Python

D Tier

  • The rest of the characters

FAQ About Neural Cloud Tier List

What is the difference between the tiers?

Tiers represent the overall strength of characters in a game. S+-tier characters are considered superior while D-tier ones represent its weakest players.

How often is the tier list updated?

The tier list is updated as new characters are released and the meta changes.

How do you decide which characters to put in each tier?

I take into account a variety of variables while choosing characters for each tier including their stats, talents and abilities as well as the feedback of other seasoned players.


This Tier List will continue to evolve throughout the course of play and I invite your feedback in the form of comments below.

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