Answers to today’s ‘Nerdle’ 96 for 15 February 2024

Answers to today’s ‘Nerdle’ 96 for February, 2024: Hints and Solutions On 12 February, 2024, the Mini Nerdle, Instant Nerdle, Classic Nerdle, and Speed Ner dle equations 96 were published.

UPDATE: For tips and the solution to the Nerdle 97 equations, go here!

Nerdle is a math counterpart of Wordle in which you must guess the equation rather than the word of the day. There are no suggestions as to what the equation will be, but after you’ve made a guess, the color of the tiles will change to show if you’ve put the numbers/symbols in the proper location and whether they exist in the equation.

The game’s makers are always tweaking the game in order to better it, and they’ve introduced new riddles to the daily problems, such as the Instant and Speed today Ner dle, to the mix. There are four main sorts of daily puzzles available right now: Mini, Classic, Instant, and Speed Ner dles.

Answers to today’s ‘Nerdle’ 96 for 12 February, 2024: Hints and Solutions

Every day, we’ll be covering all of the solutions to these puzzles, as well as any additional riddles that are tweeted on the @Nerdlegame account, so check back if you’re having trouble!

Answers to today's 'Nerdle' 96 for : Hints and Solutions

Nerdle Answer Today (February 20)

The Nerdle Answer for Today February 20, 2024 is 4 / 20 * 5 = 1

Nerdle Answer (February 19)

The Nerdle Answer February 19, 2024 is 1 – 5 + 10 = 6

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Bonus Pro Nerdle Answer –February, 2024 – Tweeted

If you guessed any or all of the Ner dle equations right today, congrats! If you like Fortnite, be sure to check out our Fortnite-themed Wordle game, Fortle, on our sister site! For suggestions and the solution to the Ner dle 97 equations, go here!

  • How to Play Nerdle Online and Solve Number Puzzles
  • To begin, go to
  • Now guess the 8 letters from “4 / 20 * 5 = 1” that you want.
  • Make sure the term has a mathematically accurate computation and at least one “=”.
  • Now choose your first eight letters and type them in the first row.
  • Press the enter key.

You will now get hints in either of the three hues, i.e. green, purple, or black, based on your first-row answer. Green indicates that the letter is in the proper location, purple indicates that the letter is in the solution but not in the correct location, and black indicates that the letter is not in the solution.

Today’s Globle Game Answer World Wordle

Type the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th solutions based on the clue. You’ll get a total of six chances to solve the Nerdle Game of the Day.

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