NecroMerger Cheat Codes (May 2024)

NecroMerger Cheat Codes (May 2024): NecroMerger is a mobile idle game in which you combine creatures and items to make stronger versions of them. When this idea is put together (or “merged”) with the story of a bad necromancer trying to bring a creature back to life so it can eat the world, it becomes even more interesting. Isn’t that nice?

NecroMerger Cheat Codes

NecroMerger Cheat Codes (Active)

Cheat CodeReward
Treasure150 Gold (New)
X78HT3P415 Astro Coins
FREEZING25 Ice Runes

NecroMerger Cheat Codes (Expired)


How do I Redeem NecroMerger Codes?

It’s easy to use codes. Just do the following to get your free stuff:

  • Launch NecroMerger
  • Tap the button that says “Settings”
  • Copy and paste a code from above into the box.
  • Redeem it to get your freebies

Where can I find more codes?

We update this guide whenever there are new codes, so you might want to save this page and come back soon. So, you’ll never miss out on something free. You could also follow the developer on Twitter to get the codes straight from the source.

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