Monster Prom Characters: Top Charectors List

Monster Prom Characters: Monster Prom is one of the best multiplayer indie games out there. It’s a multiplayer dating sim in which up to four players fight for prom dates with the numerous ghouls, monsters, and undead things who wander Spooky High. The game has received positive feedback for its enjoyable social components, numerous endings, and nuanced characters. It’s also hysterically funny.

With a sequel that has surpassed its Kickstarter target, it’s time to revisit the original game’s ten most amusing characters. Which ones do we adore and find the most amusing? Check it out, fellow Prank Masterz!

1. Zoe

For Zoe (a.k.a. Z’gord, the Ruler Of The Dark Realms), the second new primary romance choice in the “Second Term” DLC, is a monster that Dungeons & Dragons players would prefer to battle than romance in a dating sim. But they’ve never seen a tentacle monster behave in such a sweet and amusing manner.

Zoe Monster Prom Characters

Zoe is the kind of girl/monster we would have wanted to hang out with in high school, obsessed with writing fan fiction and all things nerd culture. Her glee in causing mischief and transporting the other monsters in the school makes her a joy to be around and one of the game’s funniest characters.

2. Damien

Damien is the moodiest and most enraged of all the romance options; he’s the boy from high school who would vandalise and destroy everything, but instead of being scared of him, we can laugh with or at him.

Damien Monster Prom Characters

He is driven by a zeal for everything he does, whether it’s fighting, hair-dressing, fighting, burning stuff, or fighting. If you poke this bear, you’ll almost certainly get an angry diatribe that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Monster Prom Characters

3. Miranda

Miranda, the most blissfully unaware dictator you’ve ever met, has had her entire existence handed to her by her ocean-ruling family. Despite her family’s brutal and violent dictatorship, she never considers herself to be… wicked.

Miranda Monster Prom Characters

We can’t help but enjoy her and laugh at her when she’s entirely ignorant of her surroundings, whether she’s torturing her serfs to do everything from chewing her meal to sacrificing their lives. Just don’t irritate her or you’ll be sent to prison. quickly

If you want to see his best scene, go for the one when he tries to ask out a vending machine. Classic


Calculester may not be the best setting for a robot attempting to adapt to a world of depravity and immorality, but he is still a bucket of bolts and laughs nevertheless.

Calculester Monster Prom Characters

He and Scott, both introduced in the game’s Second Term DLC, are the game’s two most kind-hearted characters. Calculester, unlike Scott, is extremely intelligent, but owing to his new status as a “person,” he has difficulty understanding the subtleties of dialogue and expressions. To gamers who appreciate his LCD face, the way jokes go over his head is a lot of fun.

5. Scott

Please accept my apologies for the small sidebar. Anyway, it’s safe to say that if you don’t adore this werewolf’s contagious energy and inability to comprehend the fundamentals of human, uh, we mean monster, existence, you don’t have a soul. Scott is frequently seen working out and getting lured into various plans with other characters, yet his innocent naivete never fails to make the players giggle.

Scott Monster Prom Characters


What is Spongebob Squarepants’ Squidward doing at Monster Prom? Of course, we’re joking, because that kind of connection would be far too mainstream for Liam’s tastes. They do, however, share a number of characteristics.

Liam Monster Prom Characters

Liam The Vampire, the dating sim’s resident hipster, scorns many of the game’s events and strives to be on the cutting edge of culture. He, like Squidward, makes sarcastic remarks about his more, ahem, nave peers and sneers at them with his pal Vera. However, he’s still a lot of fun as the punchline to a lot of jokes, so he gets a position here.


Every high school requires a memorable sports coach, and who better to fill that role than… coach? Coach became a coach owing to the shame of his father’s being a distributor of sweet cereal, so if he looks like a particular kind of greeaaat tiger, that’s no accident.

Coach Monster Prom Characters

Coach is your man if you’ve ever needed a healthy and enthusiastic anthropomorphic animal to get you in shape. Because of his proclivity for making everything into an exercise and his incredible gullibility, Monster Prom is a lot of fun.

8.Interdimensional Prince

The Inter-Dimensional Prince, easily the most flamboyant character in Monster Prom, journeys from beyond the stars in pursuit of love and aid. He’s an arrogant jerk, but he’s also quite inept at cosmic royalty.

Interdimensional Prince Monster Prom Characters

He frequently requires assistance with even the most basic things, such as changing his phone’s ringtone. Not only that, but unlike noble princes who display gallantry, this person will often go to absurd measures to find a partner, such as hosting game shows or fabricating tales.

9. Leonard

Consider the ugliest YouTube commentator you’ve ever encountered. Leonard The Kappa is precisely who he claims to be.

Leonard Monster Prom Characters

While such real-life failures aren’t funny, Leonard’s is, since everyone in the game is aware of how miserable he is. Leonard is a character you laugh at rather than with since he is frequently slapped down by the other characters or made to look like a loser in discussions. Regardless, he manages to make us laugh.


Because life is short, you should make the most of it… until you turn into a ghost, in which case the party never stops! That is precisely Polly Geist’s fortunate existence.

Polly Monster Prom Characters

Despite the fact that her life ended tragically in a car accident, she has continued to indulge in all of life’s sweet and forbidden pleasures, including sex, drugs, and partying hard enough to wake the dead. Every time she disregards the rules and structure, she and the player end up in a humorous situation.


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