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Who, in MKLeo’s opinion, are the strongest characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, given that he is widely considered to be the top player in the world at the game?

MKLeo topped the leaderboards in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Smash 4) and has remained unchallenged in Ultimate since its release. Players’ high regard for Persona 5’s fashionable protagonist, Joker, is largely due to the fact that she is sponsored by T1.

Game 5 While the Rebel’s Guard might be able to fill the Joker’s Arsene meter, Leo is notorious for finding all momentum and turning things around just as quickly. Let’s dive into the MKLeo Tier List to see how the Mexican pro ranks SSBU decks.

MKLeo Tier List

What is a tier list?

A tier list is a rating system that enables participants to see which characters or choices are regarded the best in a competitive situation. Rank lists are frequently made by highly experienced players or experts and can be a valuable resource for players seeking to better their abilities or learn more about a game competitive environment. However it is essential to remember that ranking charts are arbitrary and can differ from player to player. They should be used as a broad guidance rather than a clear response, as a character’s power can also be affected by the talent of the person using them.

About: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an excellent Japanese hybrid combat game developed by Sora Ltd and Bandai Namco Studios and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. It is the fifth major title in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, following Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

The action follows a traditional series formula: players control one of several characters and use special techniques and strikes to beat their opponents and progress through stages.

It has a wide range of gaming choices, including single-player narrative tasks and internet vs battles. Ultimate features 89 selectable combatants, including both returning and new characters from prior Super Smash Bros titles.

This ensemble contains both approved Nintendo figures and characters from the titles of other creators. If you haven’t already, you should play this SSBU game because it’s fantastic.

Top Tier – MKLeo Tier List

Here is the SSBU tier list of Top Tier characters these characters are the extremely powerful characters in the game.

CharactersTier List
FoxTop Tier
JokerTop Tier
LucinaTop Tier
MarioTop Tier
Mr. Game & WatchTop Tier
PalutenaTop Tier
Peach/DaisyTop Tier
PikachuTop Tier
Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle, Charizard, Ivysaur)Top Tier
R.O.B.Top Tier
RoyTop Tier
SnakeTop Tier
SonicTop Tier
WarioTop Tier
WolfTop Tier
Zero Suit SamusTop Tier

High Tier – MKLeo Tier List

Here is the SSBU tier list of High Tier characters these are the best characters in the game.

CharactersTier List
BowserHigh Tier
BylethHigh Tier
Captain FalconHigh Tier
ChromHigh Tier
CloudHigh Tier
Diddy KongHigh Tier
Dragon Quest HeroHigh Tier
GreninjaHigh Tier
IkeHigh Tier
InklingHigh Tier
KenHigh Tier
LinkHigh Tier
MarthHigh Tier
Mega ManHigh Tier
Min MinHigh Tier
Minecraft SteveHigh Tier
NessHigh Tier
Olimar & Pikmin/AlphHigh Tier
Pac-ManHigh Tier
Samus/Dark SamusHigh Tier
ShulkHigh Tier
Terry BogardHigh Tier
YoshiHigh Tier
Young LinkHigh Tier

Mid Tier – MKLeo Tier List

Here is the SSBU tier list of Mid Tier characters these are the average characters in the game.

CharactersTier List
Banjo-KazooieMid Tier
BayonettaMid Tier
CorrinMid Tier
Donkey KongMid Tier
FalcoMid Tier
JigglypuffMid Tier
LuigiMid Tier
MetaknightMid Tier
PichuMid Tier
Piranha PlantMid Tier
Pit/Dark PitMid Tier
Richter/Simon BelmontMid Tier
RidleyMid Tier
RobinMid Tier
Rosalina & LumaMid Tier
SheikMid Tier
Toon LinkMid Tier
Wii Fit TrainerMid Tier
ZeldaMid Tier

Low Tier – MKLeo Tier List

Here is the SSBU tier list of Low Tier characters these are the below-average characters in the game.

Bowser Jr.Low Tier
Dr. MarioLow Tier
Duck HuntLow Tier
GanondorfLow Tier
IncineroarLow Tier
IsabelleLow Tier
King DededeLow Tier
King K RoolLow Tier
KirbyLow Tier
Little MacLow Tier
VillagerLow Tier

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