Minecraft 1.20 Release Date: Prediction and New Upgrades

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date: Release of the as-yet-unnamed upgrade, which will celebrate representation, self-expression, and making Minecraft more Minecrafty, is scheduled for 2024.

Excited about Minecraft 1.20 Release Date? Also. The next big content update was announced at Minecraft Live on October 15, 2022, and although the update is nameless, Mojang Studios has unveiled some of the new and exciting features we can expect to see, including hands-on access to some of them.

Minecraft, one of the finest PC games of the previous decade, keeps players coming back with yearly upgrades. The next one will have additional Minecraft skins and armour trims to customise your fit. The Minecraft camel and mob vote winner the Sniffer are new mobs, and Minecraft archaeology is back. All Minecraft 1.20 release date announcements are here.

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date: Minecraft 1.20 broke tradition. Still unveiled at Minecraft Live, we were given less specifics than in prior years owing to previously promised mechanics and additions like bundles, archaeology, and Minecraft fireflies not making it to the game, causing in fan outrage. This year, Mojang only verified almost finished features to prevent that. With camels, bamboo wood, and other experimental elements now in snapshots, we can playtest these things sooner than in past years.

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date Prediction

Minecraft 1.20 is expected to debut in Summer 2024. A lot of new features have been disclosed, but we’re still at the snapshot stage. We’ll know we’re near when the pre-releases start.

Based on content rollouts, we expect a summer release. The past four major upgrades, except 1.19, were issued in June after their announcement. 1.19 was the second portion of Caves and Cliffs, not a planned update. With all the new stuff announced and almost ready, we believe a June release date for 1.20 is acceptable.

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

Minecraft 1.20: Upgrades and Features

Character and Skin updates

The handful who detected new faces in Minecraft trailers were rewarded when they were included to Minecraft canon. Ario, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny, and Zuri are now official Minecraft skins. Make sure you know how to alter your Minecraft skin before skinning one of the seven varied new characters from the Bedrock version dressing room or Java edition launcher.

New Biome of Cherry Blossoms

The Cherry Blossom biome is the last unveiling of the enormous 1.20 release. Fans have long wanted this biome, since Sakura trees feature in many of the most famous Minecraft modifications, and it introduces a new wood type, which always goes well. In 1.20, there are two new wood sets, including bamboo (read on for more). This gorgeous environment has lambs, pigs, bees, and pink Sakura flowers on the ground, but no new creatures yet.


Archeology’s coming. We assumed the feature was removed after being introduced at Minecraft Live 2020 as part of the Caves and Cliffs upgrade. On April 10, 2024, Mojang Studios announced that Minecraft archaeology will be part of the 1.20 release. Archeological excavation sites will begin around desert temples and extend. If you’re at one of the uncommon desert constructions, start excavating and look for the new strange sand block, which contains ancient mysteries.

Armor trims

If you like your Minecraft skin, add armour trims to make it drippier. Trimming your armour adds a new challenge to the survival game as you seek for Smithing Templates to add elegant decoration. That’s before you’ve collected enough expensive stones or ingots for the trimmings.

Hanging signs

With the bamboo “wood” type and the chiselled bookshelf, a new wood crafting formula maximises all wood types. We’ve been making signs that stand on the ground or against a wall for a while. Creative players create seats and beds with them. In 1.20, the charming hanging sign will make businesses, streets, and other Minecraft structures more realistic. The bunting-like arrangement seen above during Minecraft Live shows how creative gamers are using hanging signage.

Blocks and rafts made of bamboo

Blocks make Minecraft what it is, thus a new update must include new blocks. The bamboo blocks in Minecraft 1.20 are between wood and bamboo.

This new block has several advantages. It gives the fast-growing bamboo plant additional function besides feeding pandas and creating scaffolding. Bamboo blocks may be used to make steps, doors, slabs, fences, and even bamboo mosaics. Bamboo cannot construct boats. Technically. Bamboo rafts replace boats and work the same way, but they look better floating away from your desert island or jungle stronghold.


The yearly mob voting announced a new Minecraft mob. The sniffer will join the camel in a future release.

The camel offers something new to the desert landscape and gives players a new option to travel the overworld. This lovely new mob includes realistic motions, a dash function, and can be ridden by two people.

Carved-out Bookcases

Another wood item for builders and redstoners is coming shortly. Due to its game-changing effects, the chiselled bookshelf may be one of Minecraft’s most intriguing blocks.

The chiselled bookshelf is a functional bookshelf, unlike the old one, which is ornamental and helpful for making recipes. Now you may write notes and tales in a book and put them securely in a carved bookshelf. Chiseled bookshelves protect charmed books. Chiseled bookshelves may create hidden doorways. Yes, the new block’s mechanics send a redstone signal when a book is put or removed, enabling your hidden castle-dungeon chambers. If you have extra, its sleek new wood style makes a terrific floor.

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