Maxmillion Cooper Net Worth 2024: Career, Income, & Early Life

Maxmillion Cooper Net Worth: Maximillion Cooper, also known as Maximillion Fife Alexander Cooper, is a $60 million-plus entrepreneur, skateboarder, & race car driver. Maximilian Cooper is most famous for founding the Gumball 3000, a celebrity automobile rally that he founded in 1999. Cooper has grew the Gumball 3000 from an underground gathering to a collection of companies that includes apparel lines & a registered charity.

Maximilian is known for being a skateboarder & an all-around business entrepreneur. He has previously raced as a racing driver. Cooper’s personal life has also contributed to his public profile. He married Eve, a rapper, in 2014. Over the years, they’ve attended numerous racing & charity events together.

Maxmillion Cooper Net Worth
Maxmillion Cooper Net Worth

Maxmillion Cooper Net Worth

Full Name:Maximillion Cooper
Net Worth:$60 Million
Country:United States
Born:June 7, 1972
Salary:$5 Million Per Year
Last Updated:2024

Maxmillion Cooper Net worth & career

Cooper has been interested in athletics since he was a child. He. enjoyed skating & was an accomplished artist. He. was also interested in automobiles, but not ordinary automobiles, but sports automobiles. He .entered the fashion world as a model after graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts & Design, & his career took off from there. He- has a lot of success as a model because of his work in the industry. He. even got to work with famous luxury brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Joseph, Mulberry, Romeo Gigli, & others.

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Cooper has also worked as an assistant fashion designer for Vogue magazine. Even after his previous success, Cooper intended to pursue a career in vehicles. With the money he earned from modelling, he purchased a sports automobile to help launch his ideal job. After getting the car, he thought about starting his own business to handle car tours & events.

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In 1999, he named his company “Gumball 3000.” To grow his business, he began hosting luxury vehicle rallies, to which he invited a number of well-known celebrities. He planned his first automobile rally in London, & several of his famous pals came out to show their support. The rally was so lavish that it included some of the finest luxury automobiles.

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This event proved so popular with the public that it is now held every year in the United Kingdom. Cooper even wrote a book about the Gumball 3000 & how he built it, as well as the 2003 rally, which was a big success. A Gumball 3000 LDN 2 NYC, a film based on the novel, was also released.

About Maxmillion Cooper

NameMaximillion Cooper’s 
Age50 years old
Weight70 KG
ProfessionBusinessman, racecar driver, and skateboarder
DOBJune 7, 1972
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Income$5 Million

Maxmillion Cooper Private Life

Maxmillion Cooper was born & was raised in London & was the son of an artist. Unfortunately there is no information on his mother. After graduating from Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts & Design with an undergraduate degrees in Fashion Design in the year 1993 he opted to venture into the business shortly after. The modeling for some of the most famous luxury brands has earned the attention of many & the recognition he has earned.

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Cooper married Julie Brangstrup in 2003, & the couple has four children together. Their marriage however did not last long, & the two divorced in 2010. Cooper founded his company, Gumball 3000, while working for Juile. After his divorce, Cooper fell in love with rapper Eve Cooper, & the two married in 2014. Both of them are living wonderful, calm lives & are leading them in perfect accord.

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Cooper’s fame being a successful model unquestionable however, his drive & passion for cars helped his establishment of such an enticing business. The risk he took during the peak of his career yielded well for him.

Maxmillion Cooper Reationship

Julie Brangstrup was Maximillion’s first wife, whom he married in 2003. Before divorcing in 2010, Brangstrup & Cooper had four children together during their marriage. After being sponsored by Puma, Eve took part in the Gumball 3000 later that year. Eve & Cooper started dating after they met.

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Cooper posted on social media three years later that he had proposed to Eve. The couple married in Ibiza in 2014. Eve & Maximillion announced they were expecting a child together that year. They are still together as of this writing. Both husband & wife have stated that this is their first interracial relationship.

What is the net worth of Maximillion Cooper?

Maximillion Cooper is a successful businessman with a net worth of $60 million. As the CEO of Gumbаll 3000 Company, he derives the majority of his income from his firm.

Who is Maximillion Wife?

After four years of dating, Maximillion Cooper married rapper Eve in June 2014. Eve & her husband, Maximillion Cooper, have announced that they are expecting their first child in October 2021.

How many kids does Cooper have?

Cooper is the father of four teenagers & two children. Cooper’s first marriage produced Lotus, 19, Jagger, 17, Cash, 15, & Mini, 13. While he prepares to become a father for the second time with his second wife, Eve, the rapper,


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