Mario Kart Tracks 2024: The Best Tracks

Mario Kart Tracks: Nintendo’s “Mario Kart” kart racing series is popular. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi race on several circuits utilising power-ups. Fun gameplay, bright visuals, and multiplayer possibilities make the series popular. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch have published the games.

Mario is famous for leaping, yet he spends as much time in a kart as he does rescue Princess Peach. Mario Kart, available on every device from SNES to Switch, lets Big Mazza and friends burn tyres and hurl bananas. Our Mario Kart track guide will help you find Mario’s greatest circuits.

As we begin our introduction to the top Mario Kart courses, prepare red shells for discussions.

Delfino Square – DS

“Mario Kart DS” has “Delfino Square” as a track. Palm trees, sand beaches, and places like Sunshine Airport decorate Isle Delfino’s tropical track. Jumps, tight twists, and shortcuts characterise this course. Racers must dodge banana peels and sand hills and gather money. “Delfino Square” is a favourite “Mario Kart” circuit for its enjoyable and hard gameplay.

Maple Treeway – Wii

Mario Kart Tracks: “Mario Kart Wii” has “Maple Treeway.” Maple trees, undulating hills, and fall colours are in the deep forest. Jumps, boosts, falling leaves, logs, and rivers are on the route. Racers must also manoeuvre tubes and loops up into the woods and back down. This track has a lively background music. “Mario Kart Wii” enthusiasts love “Maple Treeway” for its bright visuals and demanding gameplay.

Rainbow Road – 3DS

Mario Kart Tracks: “Mario Kart 7” for Nintendo 3DS has “Rainbow Road.” It is one of the most difficult and memorable circuits in “Mario Kart” games. “Rainbow Road” takes place in space on a rainbow-colored road. The course has jumps, turns, Thwomps, Chain Chomps, and bottomless pits. Racing to the finish line requires quick bends, tight curves, and leaps. “Rainbow Road” is popular for its fast-paced gameplay.

Mario Kart Tracks

Waluigi Pinball – DS

Mario Kart Tracks: “Mario Kart DS”Waluigi “‘s Pinball” racecourse. Bumpers, flippers, and other pinball obstacles are present. Racers must handle ramps, tight curves, leaps, and many stages. This track uses a remixed “Mario Pinball Land” theme. “Waluigi Pinball” is a tough track with a unique concept and rapid gameplay. Fans enjoy it.

Toad’s Turnpike – N64

Mario Kart Tracks: “Mario Kart 64” has “Toad’s Turnpike.” On a busy roadway, automobiles pass above and past. Racers must dodge automobiles and handle tight twists and leaps. This track’s dynamic background music reflects the thrill of highway racing. Fans admire “Toad’s Turnpike” for its fast gameplay and unusual scenery.

Ninja Hideaway – Tour

Mario Kart Tracks: “Mario Kart Tour” features “Ninja Hideaway.” In a Japanese temple with bamboo trees, waterfalls, and pagodas. The track has steep twists, leaps, shurikens, fire traps, and sliding doors. Racers must also manage small tunnels and racers. Fans adore “Ninja Hideaway” for its hard gameplay and stunning visuals.

DK Mountain – Gamecube

Mario Kart Tracks: “Mario Kart: Double Dash!!” for Nintendo GameCube has “DK Mountain” as a racing circuit. It is amid a hilly rainforest with steep inclines, rocky ground, and a big volcano. The track has flames, Chain Chomps, boulders, and boosts. Tight curves, severe drops, and exploding barrels await racers. Fans love “DK Mountain” for its distinctive scenery and hard gameplay.

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