Is livewave antenna scam? – A Review

livewave antenna scam Since the availability of high-speed Internet has expanded, and OTT services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and others have proliferated, an increasing number of consumers have opted to forego traditional cable subscriptions.

Some people are switching to indoor TV antennas, while others are upgrading to outdoor TV antennas so they can watch free HD channels, local stations, and movies.

The development of indoor TV antennas is one of the most discussed topics in the field of antennas today.

LiveWave, a hybrid antenna, has flooded the market in an attempt to displace the indoor antenna.

LiveWave’s main selling point is that it may be used without installing a bulky antenna on the roof or within the home.

The company claims that using their service would make viewing television on free channels a breeze.

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Explain the concept of the livewave antenna scam.

The LiveWave HDTV antenna is a technological leap forward for TV antennas. The antennas may be installed anywhere, inside or outside, without the need for a separate antenna set.

Connected to the wall plug is a little cup-shaped antenna that may be used for in-built wireless communication. It’s loaded with capacitors and receptors that can pick up signals from all over the place, depending on how strong they are.

The LiveWave antenna: how does it function?

livewave antenna scam

Is LiveWave Antenna a Scam? – A Review

According to the marketing materials, the LiveWave antenna uses the existing home wiring and insulation to pick up signals from free channels.

It converts your home into a massive antenna that can pick up HDTV signals from broadcast stations that are available for free over the air.

A word of caution is in order, since the manufacturer of the receptor plug believes it can transform the whole home’s electrical system into a massive signal receptor.

The business asserts that, in general, a TV antenna is no longer necessary to get free HD broadcasts. The home’s wiring would cooperate with the built-in antenna receptor to glean signals from the surrounding region.

Easy to InstallBad customer service
No antenna mount requiredHighly dependent on healthy reception
Not affected by changing weatherCompetitors offering more channels

How reliable is the livewave antenna scam?

An honest response to this inquiry has both positive and negative implications. While the antenna seems to be effective for a limited audience. However, there are many unhappy buyers who will go to great lengths to get their money back.

It seems that the antenna works well in remote places when interference from other wireless devices is negligible.

Contrary to the company’s bold assertions, the product does not live up to its hype. Take a look at what some of their customers have said about LiveWave below: (paraphrased and name hidden for privacy reasons).

First-Rate Consumer No. 1

The response time from customer assistance is excessive, sometimes reaching several days.

Extra antennae and amplifiers were added to the bill since I needed them to make the antenna operate. Nonetheless, it did not lead to a significant improvement.

When I called to follow up on my order for an antenna, I was told repeatedly that they were temporarily out of stock. In such case, there’s no use in their accepting orders to begin with.

Second-Rate Client

I just purchased two antennas for my home. There isn’t a single one that helps. I called and they said they’d send me two additional antennas at a discount of half off. What you’ve just told me really astounds me.

When the current antennas aren’t doing their job, I don’t see why I should want to spend additional money for more of them. This useless piece of junk can’t compare to my home-made TV antenna.

Recent evaluations of LiveWave antennas have been rather negative. I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not this antenna actually works or is just another example of the widespread LiveWave antenna scam.

A Guide to Setting Up the LiveWave Antenna.

Essential First Steps: Establishment in a Hurry

  • Connect the coaxial cable’s ANT/IN end to your TV’s corresponding port.
  • Connect the receiver, which comes with its own coaxial cable, to the opposite end of the same cable.
  • Put the receiver’s power cord into the wall socket.
  • Despite the manufacturer’s assurances, I would exercise care while plugging it into a wall outlet.

Searching for Channels

Fortunately, you’ve reached the simple section. This strategy, which is compatible with the vast majority of television sets, will allow you to begin searching for channels immediately.

  • In order to access the SOURCE, please use the corresponding button on your remote.
  • In order to change the TV’s input, choose TV from the menu.
  • The options for using an antenna or the airwaves may be found in the Channel setting menu. For example, AIR could be available on an older model of TV, and vice versa.
  • Start the channel scan procedure and you’ll be good to go.
  • It should then begin displaying a list of local, free HD channels that are broadcasting in your region.

Obtainable LiveWave Channels

The LiveWave antenna digital HDTV receiver is capable of picking up broadcasts from both close and far-off broadcasting towers, allowing you to view free channels from any location.

On LiveWave, you may tune in to stations like

  • HSN
  • ABC
  • ion
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • The CW
  • PBS
  • FOX
  • ESPN
  • The FOX Business Network
  • Decades
  • BET
  • FXM
  • MeTv

Different Antennas and Livewave Antennas

LiveWave antenna is promoted as a technological improvement over both conventional and rabbit-ear antennas. But when compared to similar TV antennas in the same price range, this one performs about as well.

Numerous customer evaluations state that the antenna hybrid does not provide the expected channels in most metropolitan areas.

It seems that the LiveWave antenna can pick up certain channels in very low-noise environments, such as those seen in rural regions. In contrast, other services are far more effective in providing free HD channels, whether or not they use amplifiers.

Feedback on LiveWave Antenna’s Support Staff

LiveWave’s Support Team

There are several carbon copies and bogus websites out there that claim to be the genuine LiveWave antenna website. LiveWave is a product developed by Strong current businesses, but its official website is difficult to track down.

I sent a simple inquiry regarding the product through email. After a week, we still haven’t received a response to our email. The customer service end will often respond with an automatic acknowledgment of receipt.

That indicates the organisation has received the message and will respond at a later time. Nonetheless, that seems not to be the case here.

After that, I sent them a message on their Facebook page, which seems to be their official social handle. Unfortunately, they did not respond to me there either, except from an automated system.

The success of every business depends heavily on the loyalty of its customers, and customer service is the backbone upon which that loyalty rests. It must be prompt and proactive in responding to concerns and questions from customers. Negative word-of-mouth regarding the quality of the goods would spread rapidly if the company provided such lukewarm service to its customers.

Expenses of a LiveWave Antenna

Each antenna costs $39.95, and delivery is additional. The current price of a pair is $73.75 USD.

The company does provide a $10 extended warranty coverage. A full year of coverage is included, plus you have 30 days to request a refund if you aren’t satisfied. The lifetime warranty is included in the upgrade plan.

Finding a livewave antenna on Amazon is as simple as doing a search. You may also place an order on their website.

Here’s looking at you, kid

Even when the business responsible for the so-called next generation of TV antenna falls short of its promises, consumers are given a bit of a pass if they purchase the antenna during major price cuts.

With less buildings and mountains in the way, the antenna should work well for grabbing free channels in such locations.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the LiveWave antenna in the space below.

Do tell us whether you think that livewave’s boasting of their antenna’s qualities is justified.

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