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Limbus Company Tier List (June 2023): Reroll Guide


Limbus Company Tier List (June 2023): For a comprehensive understanding of the Limbus company tier list, refer to this guide, which provides detailed information. It covers all aspects of Sinnar. Since its launch, numerous players have been enjoying this video game on both mobile and PC platforms. With its captivating gameplay and intense battles, it has gained popularity among gamers.

Within a short span after its release the game has garnered over 100,000 installations on Google Playstore. Players have expressed overwhelmingly positive reviews on Playstore regarding their experience with the game.

Limbus Company Tier List

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Limbus Company Tier List (June 2023)

Complete list of all characters rank tier wise:

S Tier List

The strongest Limbus Company characters who are capable of winning any combat, are found on the S tier. These identities have exceptional skill, produce a lot of damage and work well with other characters.

Hong LuTingtang Gangleader
SinclairLCB Sinner
RodionKurokumo Henchwoman
GregorG Corp. Manager Corporal

A Tier List

The A tier characters are highly capable members of the Limbus Company who consistently demonstrate exceptional performance in battles. While they June not possess all the abilities or synergies found in the S tier they remain outstanding options to consider.

RyoshuKurokumo Wakashu
GregorLCB Sinner
SinclairBlade Lineage Salsu

B Tier List

The B-tier characters are reliable selections capable of standing their ground in combat. While they might not possess the same level of potency and adaptability as the higher-tier characters, they remain viable choices to consider.

RodionLCB Sinner
Hong LuLCB Sinner
HeathcliffLCB Sinner
FaustLCB Sinner
IshmaelLCB Sinner
RodionLCB Sinner

C Tier List

The C-tier Limbus Company members are considered average performers who can be valuable in specific situations. While they June not possess the same level of power or versatility as the higher tiers they can still contribute effectively to certain team compositions.

OutisLCB Sinner
MeursaultLCB Sinner
Yi SangLCB Sinner
Don QuixoteLCB Sinner

How can I reroll with Limbus Company?

Compared to most other gacha games, rerolling in Limbus Company on mobile is quite straightforward. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Begin by launching the Limbus Company app and select the option ‘Sign in as a guest.
  • Proceed to download the patch and locate the skip button positioned at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it.
  • Access the in-game mail from the menu and claim the rewards offered for pre-registration.
  • Navigate to the ‘Extract’ tab and interact with the Welcome Extract, Gregor, and Standard Extract banners by pulling on them.
  • If you wish to reroll, access the ‘Account’ page within the settings menu and opt for ‘Close Account’ to initiate a fresh start.

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