Just the Cheese Net Worth 2024: What after Shark Tank?

Just the Cheese Net Worth 2024: Just the Cheese is a simple & delicious snack that is made from only real Wisconsin cheese. Its signature recipe is meant to taste like the crispy ends of a grilled cheese sandwich, & each Just the Cheese snack is hand-shredded, crumbled, & baked at a family-owned cheese factory in Wisconsin.

David Scharfman comes from a family in Wisconsin that makes cheese, & his father came up with the idea for the Just the Cheese snack. Just the Cheese has Net Worth of $10 million.

About: Just the Cheese Net Worth 2024

In 1991, the Scharfman family started a cheese business in Wisconsin called Specialty Cheese Producer. David’s father made the snacks & sold the company’s goods for many years with great success. During the height of the Atkins Diet, they were very popular. David says that since he started working as a consultant on the East Coast, he has come to think that the brand has “faded away.” In 2017, he & his wife bought a baked cheese snack when they went to the store.

Just the Cheese Net Worth

David’s favorite product was Just the Cheese, so he called his dad to ask if they could start the business up again. When he moved back to Wisconsin, he & his wife changed the name of the business. You can choose from bars & “minis,” which are smaller crisps. A 12-pack of bars with two in each pack costs $23.88 & a 16-pack of minis costs $18.99.

Just the Cheese Net Worth 2024

NameJust the Cheese
Company Net Worth:$10 million
Owner:David Scharfman
Asked For:$500,000 for 5% equity
Deal:No deal
Shark:No shark
EpisodeSeason 11 Episode 19

How did “Just the Cheese” get its start, & who was concerned?

Scharfman remade the best-selling snack from the Specialty Cheese Company & called it “Just the Cheese.” His father came up with the idea for the product, but when David moved to a different city a few years later, the business went off track.

David & his wife bought baked cheese in 2017. The business owner knew their product tasted much better after they tried it. So, he called his dad & asked if they could start making their cheese snack again. His dad said yes.

They made bars that fit the keto diet that were made out of shredded cheese & nothing else. There were also crisp bars & little ones that could be eaten in one bite. With this, the recovering entrepreneur made $3.7 million in his first year of business.

Just the Cheese Shark Tank Pitch

In the 19th episode of the 11th season of Shark Tank, David Scharfman looks for a deal for his crunchy cheese snack, Just the Cheese. He wants a partner who can help him grow the business & get the product to more people.

David walks into the presentation & says that he wants $500,000 for a 5% stake in his $10 million company.

He tells his story & gives out samples. Lori remembers that she bought the things from Amazon. All of the Sharks like to taste things.

They are especially happy with the sales numbers, which were $3.5 million in 2018 & $3.7 million with four months left in 2019. The family put $1 million into the business on its own.

Because a two-pack costs $0.95 & sells for $1.27 per bar, the profit margin isn’t very big. Kevin jumps into the competition & offers $500,000 for 5% of the company’s stock in exchange for a 20 cent royalty on every bar for the rest of time.

After some back & forth with Kevin, Lori offers $500,000 for 5% of the company & a 15 cent royalty on each bar until she gets her $750,000 back.

Mark offers $500,000 for 15 percent of the company’s equity in the form of pure equity. David says “no” to all three.

He thought that royalties would cut into his cash flow, & he didn’t want to give away more than 5% of his company. He left the pitch in the end without making a deal.

What Happened to Just the Cheese after Shark Tank?

Despite walking away from the pitch without a sale, this firm is increasing its retail distribution, & its products can now be found in nearly all major grocery chains, as well as on Amazon & at Target.

David works with the Slim Fast Snack Crisps packaging team. As of the end of 2021, the company is thriving, with annual revenues of $4 million.

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