Is Jim Bakker Still Alive? What happened to Jim Bakker?

Is Jim Bakker Still Alive? Many are curious if Jim Bakker is still alive. For those unfamiliar Jim Bakker is an American televangelist best known for creating Heritage USA theme park in Fort Mill Kentucky. In this article we will investigate whether Jim Bakker is still with us.

Who is Jim Bakker?

Jim Bakker is a renowned American televangelist best known for his ministry, the PTL Club (Praise The Lord). However in 1980 his ministry faced major scandal when allegations of fraud and embezzlement surfaced. This article will look into Jim’s life and career its downfall, and what follows after it all.

Early Life and Career

Jim Bakker was born on January 2, 1940 in Muskegon, Michigan and lived a life of hardship before enrolling at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota – where he met his future wife Tammy Faye LaValley.After they tied the knot in 1961, Jim and Tammy began working with various evangelical ministries around America.

In 1972, Jim and Tammy Faye relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, and started hosting The PTL Club TV show which quickly gained notoriety. In 1974 they founded PTL (Praise The Lord) ministry and by 1984 had built Heritage USA Christian theme park which draws millions of visitors annually.

Is Jim Bakker Still Alive
Is Jim Bakker Still Alive? What happened to Jim Bakker?

Is Jim Bakker still alive?

Jim Bakker is still alive, as evidenced by his recent Instagram post. It’s worth noting that he had recently suffered from a stroke – something which garnered some controversy back in May 2020. Additionally, Lori Beth Graham, his wife, is doing well too. Jim Bakker has seven children including one adopted child; he gained notoriety on social media for spreading misinformation regarding treatments for the coronavirus virus.

The Scandal

Jim Bakker downward spiral began in 1987 when he was accused of fraud and embezzlement. Luxury cars, private jet and a $6.5 million mansion were rumoured to have been purchased with ministry money. Additionally allegations emerged about him paying hush money to Jessica Hahn – the former church secretary who claimed he had sexually assaulted her – for financial support.

Jim Bakker was condemned to 45 years for 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy in 1989. However this sentence was later reduced to eight years with Bakker being released on parole five years later in 1994 after serving five years.

The Aftermath

Following his release from prison Jim Bakker attempted to rebuild his ministry but faced significant obstacles. Many of his supporters had left him due to his damaged image. Additionally Jim faced legal troubles such as lawsuits from former supporters claiming that he had defrauded them.

In 2003 Jim Bakker launched The Jim Bakker Show a television show dedicated to end-times prophecy and survivalism. Additionally he founded Morningside Church – a Christian retreat and survivalist community located in Missouri – as his ministry.

What happened to Jim Bakker?

After his release he eventually returned to his career. In 2003, Jim Bakker started broadcasting The Jim Bakker Show on a daily basis from Studio City Cafe located in Branson, Missouri. He and Lori co-hosted the show. The show was broadcasted on several networks including CTN, Daystar, Folk TV, Grace Network (Canada), Hope TV (Canada), Impact Network, TCT Network, WGN, WHT, The Word Network, Uplift TV, and Living networks. In 2008, Jerry Crawford, who attributed Bakker with saving his marriage, invested $25 million to start a new ministry for Bakker in Blue Eye, Missouri named Morningside.

Jim Bakker Net Worth 2023

Jim Bakker a renowned televangelist in America is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million according to reliable sources such as Forbes, Bloomberg and Wikipedia. His success came from his role as a televangelist but also included fraudulent activities.

FAQ About Jim Bakker

What is the PTL Club?

The PTL Club was a television show hosted by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker that focused on evangelical Christianity.

What is Heritage USA?

Heritage USA was a Christian theme park built by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker in Fort Mill, South Carolina by Jim’s parents Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

What were Jim Bakker’s charges?

Jim Bakker received 24 fraud and theft convictions.

How long was Jim Bakker sentenced to prison?

Jim Bakker was initially given a term of 45 years, but this was later reduced to eight.

What is The Jim Bakker Show?

Jim Bakker hosts the end-times prophesy show The Jim Bakker Show.


A massive scandal derailed Jim Bakker’s career as a leading personality in American evangelicalism in the 1980s. He served five year in prison for theft and fraud chargs. Although he attempted to rebuild his ministry upon release from prison, major obstacles prevented any regaining of his former success.

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