Infinity CM2 v2.45-b Dongle Latest Setup All New Version

The Infinity CM2 MT2 dongle has long been used by mobile technicians as an essential tool. Offering multiple capabilities for servicing multiple smartphone brands, its recent update (version v2.45-b) boasts significant enhancements and expanded functionality.

Infinity CM2 v2.45-b Dongle Latest Setup All New Version

Download Infinity CM2 Dongle Setup Latest Version

Password: officialroms

CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.45-b
Infinity CM2 Driver Pack

Install small size #CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.45-b in addition to #CM2MT2 boot-pack v2.45 to get latest DA/models supported
Updated: Doogee, Infinix, Realme, Tecno, Ulefone, Xiaomi

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to the latest version of CM2 MT2 software is highly advised for several key reasons. Here are a few benefits associated with making the switch:

Improved Functionality: Version v2.45-b brings with it several enhancements, such as an updated boot process and improved handling of MDM (Mobile Device Management)/Mi Account removal/and server access method for smoother connectivity.

MemoryTool has enhanced both GPT and RPMB operations to achieve increased efficiencies, providing improved GPT efficiency while increasing RPMB operations efficiency.

Flasher: New updates include RAPHAEL and Ultra Flash protocols as well as direct support for OFP files specifically related to Oppo and Realme devices.
Support for Unmerged Firmwares: Expanding on this feature by supporting both normal and unmerged firmwares with regions being selected when using unmerged ones.

Service Highlights: For our Smart Reset optimization feature, particular issues with Nokia and Tecno A/B devices were resolved. Furthermore, for “Smart Reset Extra,” there were further optimizations with enhanced support of Samsung devices.

Enhancements to identify operation: These improvements aim at refining its operation. FixDL Operation Enhancement: With new support for fixing “black screen” issues with Oppo and Realme devices as well as various improvements, including other updates.

Firmware Reader: Attain Core Optimization by optimizing its core functionality; Android 12 Support by initiating support for Android 12, as well as Internal Database Update to keep our existing data current; plus Internal Database Upkeep Update by keeping track of what changes were being introduced into existing files in our internal databases.

How to Install Infinity CM2 Dongle:

  • Install the above files.
  • Finally, carefully unzip each section one at a time.
  • Install each component one at a time,
  • Attach your dongle to the device after downloading its setup files.
  • Let the driver install after that.
  • If the installation of your dongle driver has failed, simply reinstall it and attach it to the device again.
  • After that, manually install the driver.
  • If your full driver is missing, CM2 tools won’t open properly. To resolve the problem and ensure CM2 tools work optimally, install the correct driver from our website.
  • Once installed, the tool can monitor user activity.

Last Words

Upgrading to Infinity CM2 MT2 v2.45-b software gives you access to all the latest functionalities and optimizations for servicing mobile devices more effectively. By following the steps outlined herein, upgrading can easily transition over and take full advantage of its enhanced features – be sure to utilize official Infinity Box resources as additional guidance or support!

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  1. help please, what password can i apply when requested for password when extracting the software?
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