How to Repair Ships in Blox Fruits?

How to Repair Ships in Blox Fruits? Blox Fruits’ pirate life offers all-out excitement, from sailing the Grand Line and seafaring adventures, to dodging Kraken tentacles… one constant worry for any adventurer in Blox Fruits is ship damage. However, do not despair: with assistance from Shipwright Teacher you can mend and maintain your vessel without losing confidence on the waters!

How to Repair Ships in Blox Fruits?

How to Repair Ships in Blox Fruits?

Follow below provided steps to repair ships in Blox Fruits:

Finding the Shipwright Teacher:

Reach the Tiki Outpost first. Search for an entrance near its main entrance marked with a small, dark hole; enter through there and you will discover Shipwright Teacher ready to share his knowledge (and quests)!

Unlocking Ship Repair:

The Shipwright Teacher won’t simply hand you his secrets for ship repair. In order to gain his respect and unlock ship repair, you will have to prove your seafaring prowess by hunting down and defeating 20 sharks on an ocean expedition! So grab your harpoon, sharpen your sword, and head into deep waters where lurk terrors!

Mastering the Mend:

Once you’ve successfully defeated the sharks, your Shipwright Teacher will offer various repair books specialized in different areas:

  • Basic Repair: Repair any minor hull damage to keep your ship afloat.
  • Max Health Repair: Restore your ship to its former glory, even after engaging in epic battles.
  • Expert Repair: Repair more extensive damage quickly to ensure your ship can endure even the fiercest storms.
  • Plank Repair: Repair broken planks to keep your ship seaworthy and fashionable.

Repairing Your Ship:

With your chosen repair book in hand, simply equip and interact with your ship that has become damaged. Witness how the magical Shipwright works his wonders by repairing and refurbishing your vessel back to its former glory!

Tips for a Smooth Sail: How to Repair Ships in Blox Fruits

  • Prior to venturing into dangerous waters, always bring repair books.
  • Take into consideration specializing in one repair type that fits with the style of sailing you prefer.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your ship regularly; an improved ship takes less damage!

Raiser your Jolly Roger, brave captain! Using the Shipwright Teacher and these helpful tips, you can tame any storm and keep your ship sailing the seas for years. Remember, a well-maintained ship leads to endless pirate adventures!

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