How to Remove iCloud Bypass Using Window LiveUSB Method

How to Remove iCloud Bypass Using Window LiveUSB Method 2020. Icloud Bypass Using Checkra1n Method It is Very Simple Method To Use And Unlock Any iPhone Icloud Account This Method Os Not illegal Because The tool is Only Install The JailBreak And Install Checkra1n Software Now You can Follow My Method… iPhone 6 iCloud

Checkra1n for Windows has been officially released but there is an easy option to use bootra1n LiveCD to run it from a USB flash drive on a PC. No need to install Linux to execute the checkra1n jailbreak tool from the terminal on your computer. Download LiveCD for Windows, bootra1n. Works with the latest iOS 12.0 to 13.0.

What is Bootra1n (Checkra1n) Linux Supporting in Window?

Bootra1n (Checkra1n) Linux Supporting in Window Bootra1n is a pre-installed, jailbreak Checkra1n Linux distribution. The tool supports most generations of iOS devices starting from iPhone 4S (A5 chip) iPhone 6, iPhone 6S iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, and iPhone X (A11 chip). All of the devices mentioned are jailbreakable for their entire lifetime. This means it’s compatible with any iOS update.

Both devices A5 to A11 are compatible with the Windows bootra1n checkra1n. Even the new devices such as iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and XS Max don’t work with Windows checkra1n. Install Cydia on firmware iOS 13 through 13.5.iphone 6 iCloud

How to Remove iCloud Bypass Using Window LiveUSB Method

Bootra1n (Checkra1n) is a Linux distribution with a pre-installed jailbreak checkra1n tool, which can be run from a USB flash drive. Learn how to prepare bootra1n with checkra1n without adding any changes to Windows.

Download Bootra1n (Checkra1n)

Size: 400MB
Login ID: anon Password: Voidlinux
Password: officialroms

AWS Download

Userupload Download

Important: If You Are Using Window OS  You can Install iTunes,3utool to Check Your Version, Install Python, Putty & Net framework.

Download Window Software Like Python iTunes 3utool Putty NetFamework

Name: Python 2.3.15 by
Size: 19.3 MB
Password: officialroms

Userupload ||| AndroidFileHost  ||| MediaFire

Name: Itunes latest by
Size: 250 MB

Click Here Download

Name: NetFamework 4.8 & Putty by
Size: 45MB & 546 KB

NerFameware Download

Putty Download

Name: Icloud bypass Tool.exe
Size: 9.2 MB
password: officialroms

Userupload Download

Name Safe Shutdown
Size: 8.9 MB
Password: officialroms

Userupload Start Download

How to Flash Checkra1n & Make Bootable Pendrive To Prepare

Now that Checkra1n Linux jailbreak tool is available for common distributions, all licensed Apple iOS devices starting from iPhone 4S (A5 chip) iPhone 6, iPhone 6S iPhone 7 to iPhone 8, and iPhone X (A11 chip).

  • First Download Bootra1n ISO File For Live USB.
  • Download Rufus To Create A Bootable USB Flash Driver Using Pendrive.
  • Insert You USB Pendrive To Connect You PC & Laptops.
  • Now Open Rufus App And Select ISO File Like This
How to Remove iCloud Bypass Using Window LiveUSB Method iphone 6 icloud
  • There is Most Important Setting If You System Boot In MBR Mode You can Select MBR Option
  • If You Pc boot in GPT Than You can Select GPT Mode.
  • Click To Start Button.

Process to JailBreak & Install Checkra1n Essay Method

  • Put The USB Inside The Computer & Boot Your Pendrive.
  • It is Depend on Different PC & Laptop (Like ESC To Boot) Other Option Delete Button.
  • Now Boot Your PC In BIOS And Select To Booting 1 Option. And Save It.
  • After Save Reset You PC/Laptop Automatic Boot You Bootra1n
  • Now Automatic Boot in 5 Second Automatic.
  • Now is Should Be Login To Access You Checkra1n File.
  • Username: anon Password: voidlunix
  • Now Enter Your Command Like Sudo Checkra1n.
  • Now Connect You iPhone With You PC/Laptops
  • Start iPhone is Automatic Reboot in Recovery Mode.
  • Press Next Button & Boot Your Mobile in DFU Mode.
  • Done
  • Exit You Bootra1n press Your Command Like Sudo shutdown -r now

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