How to get No Man’s Sky Deuterium New Update

No man’s sky deuterium : It is a substance introduced within the NEXT update to No Man’s Sky and is now an essential material for essential items made from Neutron Shielding and The Pulse Splitter.

As with many other available sources in No Man’s Sky, it isn’t easy to find. This is why we’ve created an easy guide for players starting with No Man’s Sky. While Deuterium is an element of the earth but it’s not found frequently in the universe, so you’ll need to gather other aspects and improve the materials. Find out how to find Deuterium from No Man’s Sky.

How to get No Man,s Sky Deuterium

What Is Deuterium?

The Deuterium Rich Plant can described as a tiny blue planet that can find on some planets. This resource described in the game as “A solid hydrogen…used in small-scale Fusion reactors…neutron scattering technologies.” If it is touched, it provides the player with an immense boost to their jetpack’s power.

In the past, in No Man’s Sky, you could run around the fields, picking Deuterium flowers on the fly and sifting up all the materials throughout the process. Which later removed the patch, and currently, the only way to acquire that can be to buy the material or make it yourself. It was probably because it was too simple to obtain this precious (and sometimes costly) resource If all you required was to pick some flowers.

How To Refine Deuterium

Deuterium produced by refined di-hydrogen and Tritium by using the form of a giant or large refiner. These refiners are more significant since the substance requires two slots to make.

Di-hydrogen can be found everywhere, mostly in blue crystals. The most giant crystals require an advanced laser extract. For smaller amounts, there is no need for expensive equipment. Di-hydrogen is a critical ingredient in many crafting recipes, including those for the Starship Launch Fuel and Hydraulic Wiring, and you’ve likely have encountered it during your travels. You’ll need this substance when you embark on your way to building your first S-class vessel.

Tritium is an unusual element usually found in large pieces of an asteroid floating around in space. Sometimes, it appears in a dense crystal structure, referred to as the Tritium Hypercluster, or you could purchase it through the trading terminal if you happen to be lucky. Tritium utilized in a variety of ship fuel and base building creating blueprints.

To obtain Deuterium, you must have to refine x1 Di-Hydrogen and x1 Tritium using a refiner that is less than one second for refinement in a large or medium refiner. It is also possible to refine x5 Tritium to go straight into this. A great tip.

Other Methods To Get Deuterium

Deuterium also bought through trade terminals as well as numerous NPCs. But, Deuterium is a rare substance, making it difficult to find in large quantities. It is better to refine the final product yourself. If you’re lucky, you could see it at the lowest price in the terminal. Keep an eye open to find a bargain.

There is also acquire Deuterium by dismantling Deuterium technology such as that of the Pulse Splitter. This isn’t the most reliable method to obtain the substance, but it’s beneficial if you’re removing old equipment.

The Things You Can Make From Deuterium

Deuterium was an element of the blueprint for crafting for the Incinerator However since that removed the object towards the end of last year, players can only utilize Deuterium to make Neutron Shielding and the Pulse Splitter.

Neutron Shielding serves as a security upgrade to your Exocraft. Which protects both the Exocraft and its pilot (you) from radiation damage in irradiated planets. You can mix 95 Deuterium 50 Ionised Cobalt and the Wiring Loom to gain access to this upgrade. When dismantled, it provides 47 Deuterium.

We can also utilize deuterium to create the Pulse Splitter Multi-tool weapon that shoots multiple projectiles. It hits in three short burst patterns and is perfect for destroying threats from the air – in essence; it’s the ideal No Man’s Sky weapon to take on space duck hunting. It requires a staggering 200 Deuterium to create this Pulse Splitter. Better get refining.

The Incinerator might reintroduced at some point in the future. However, currently, it’s an item that is not available to purchase and cannot be made, no matter the amount of Deuterium you own.

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