How to Get Bricks in Islands Roblox? 2024

How to Get Bricks in Islands Roblox? Bricks are essential building materials in Islands Roblox, used to construct buildings such as houses, bridges and decorative elements. Acquiring bricks is key for expanding and beautifying your island; this guide will explore methods of obtaining them.

How to Get Bricks in Islands Roblox?

Mining Clay

Mining clay, which can be found throughout your island and on neighboring ones, is the primary way to obtain bricks. Clay comes in various forms including blocks, veins and deposits; to mine it effectively a pickaxe made from wood or stone should be employed.

  • Search Your Island to Detect Clay Deposits: Explore all islands nearby for clay deposits. Clay blocks tend to appear near water sources while veins and deposits can be discovered throughout.
  • Equip Your Pickaxe: Select your pickaxe from your inventory.
  • Mine clay: With your pickaxe in hand, use it to strike clay blocks, veins and deposits for ore. Every strike will bring forth more clay ore.
  • Collect Clay Ore: Once clay ore has been broken apart, interact with it to add it to your inventory.
How to Get Bricks in Islands Roblox?

How to Get Bricks in Islands Roblox?

Smelting Clay into Bricks

After collecting clay ore, it must be converted to usable bricks using a furnace made of stone and coal.

  • Establish a furnace: Gather together stone and coal on a crafting table in order to assemble your furnace.
  • Place Your Furnace: Position the furnace on an island or designated location.
  • Add Fuel: Add coal or wood fuel to the furnace in order to produce enough heat for smelting.
  • Smelt Clay Ore: To do this, open up the furnace interface and put clay ore in its input slot.
  • Collect Bricks: Once the smelting process has concluded, collect your newly produced bricks from the output slot.

Additional Methods for Obtaining Bricks

While mining and smelting clay are the primary methods for obtaining bricks, there are additional sources to consider:

  • Treasure Chests: As you explore your island and neighboring ones, keep your eyes peeled for treasure chests hiding on them containing bricks as loot!
  • Trading with NPCs: Engage in trades with non-player characters (NPCs) on your island and other islands, including bricks offered as trade currency in exchange for other items.
  • Completing Quests: Completing various quests and challenges may reward you with bricks.
  • Bricks can be purchased from the game store using either in game currency or real world money.


Bricks are essential resources for construction and decoration in Islands Roblox. By following the methods outlined here, you’ll be equipped to acquire and utilize them efficiently in order to expand and enrich your island.

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