How to Fix Wild Rift Not Updating?

How to Fix Wild Rift Not Updating? Wild Rift is an enjoyable mobile game, but it does come with some drawbacks. A frequent issue is that updates will fail to install; this can be particularly disappointing if you’re eager to test out new features or champions.

There could be several reasons for why Wild Rift might not be updating. One is likely a lack of storage space on your device. Another could be unstable internet connections. And of course there could be something amiss within the Wild Rift app itself.

To resolve the issue of Wild Rift not updating, there are several troubleshooting steps you can attempt:

How to Fix Wild Rift Not Updating

If you’re experiencing difficulties updating Wild Rift, don’t fret – it is a common issue caused by various factors and there may be solutions available to fix this problem. Below are a few steps you could try in order to rectify your issue.

How to Fix Wild Rift Not Updating?

Make sure device is Updated

Wild Rift may fail to update because your device is running an outdated version of Android or iOS. To make sure it stays current, visit your settings and check for any available updates.

Make sure Wild Rift is up to date

Another possible explanation could be that Wild Rift may have become outdated. To check for updates, navigate to either Google Play Store or App Store and search for Wild Rift; any available updates should be indicated by a green “Update” button adjacent to its application.

Clear the Google Play Store cache

At times, the Google Play Store cache may become corrupted, leading to issues with Wild Rift updates. To resolve this, follow these steps: Navigate to your device’s settings, select “Apps & notifications,” locate “Google Play Store,” and choose “Storage & cache.” Finally, click on “Clear cache.”

Force stop Wild Rift

Another thing you could try is forcing stop Wild Rift by going into your device’s Settings > Apps & notifications > Wild Rift and selecting Force Stop. After doing this, try updating Wild Rift again.

Clear Wild Rift’s data

If Wild Rift still doesn’t update after all of these efforts, try clearing its data. This will reset it back to factory default settings, meaning any saved data will be lost. To do this, go into your device settings > Apps & notifications > Wild Rift > Storage & cache > Clear storage; once complete, try updating Wild Rift again.

Uninstall and reinstall Wild Rift

If Wild Rift still won’t update, uninstalling and reinstalling it might help. This will uninstall it from your device before reinstalling from scratch; to uninstall Wild Rift from your settings > Apps & notifications > Wild Rift > Uninstall; after which simply download from either Google Play Store or App Store again.

Contact Riot Games support

If your Wild Rift still won’t update after following these instructions, contact Riot Games support via their website or the Wild Rift in-game support system for assistance.

Final Words

Hope this blog post has provided the solution for Wild Rift not updating correctly, or you have any additional queries or tips, feel free to leave them below in a comment!

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