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How to Complete Season 2 Journey and Rewards In Diablo 4

How to Complete Season 2 Journey and Rewards In Diablo 4: The Season Journey is a series of challenges players can complete to earn rewards during any given Diablo 4 season. The journey is broken up into chapters with specific objectives for players to meet before progressing onto the next. To advance further in each chapter’s Journey, a certain number of objectives must be completed prior to moving on.

How to Complete Season 2 Journey and Rewards In Diablo 4

In order to successfully progress through their Season Journey, players must initially achieve level 70 and finish the campaign. Once these prerequisites are met, they can then concentrate on fulfilling the goals outlined for them within this seasonal adventure.

The Season Journey objectives are designed to challenge players of all skill levels. Some objectives can be accomplished quickly, such as clearing dungeons or defeating world bosses; other objectives require greater skill, such as clearing an entire Greater Rift at certain levels or eliminating specific bosses.

How to Complete Season 2 Journey and Rewards In Diablo 4

Players have the ability to monitor their advancement in the Season Journey through the Season Journey menu. This menu displays all the tasks within each chapter along with the associated rewards upon their successful completion.

Tips For Completing Season 2 Journey and Rewards In Diablo 4

Here are some tips for completing the Season Journey:

Start early: This endeavor entails substantial effort, making it prudent to initiate your efforts immediately when the season commences. By doing so, you will have ample time to fulfill all the prescribed objectives.

Focus on one chapter at a time: Avoid the temptation to undertake all the chapters simultaneously. Instead, channel your focus towards accomplishing one chapter at a time. This approach will render the Season Journey less formidable.

Play with friends: Collaborating with friends provides an expedited and smoother path to accomplishing the Season Journey. It enables mutual assistance in tackling challenging objectives and facilitates the sharing of acquired loot.

Use online resources: An array of online tools and references exists to aid you in completing the Season Journey. These encompass comprehensive guides, step-by-step walkthroughs, and invaluable tips from fellow players.


Here are some specific tips for completing some of the more difficult Season Journey objectives:

  • Exterminator: To defeat Duriel in World Tier 4, equipping a character with powerful gear is essential to their success. Be sure that armor and weaponry are of high-grade quality while your skill selection matches up perfectly with her requirements.
  • Lootmaster: To unlock ten Tortured gifts during any Helltide event, it takes patience and hard work collecting Tortured presents from various dungeons, world bosses or challenges. These valuable items could come from anywhere!
  • Titanomachy: Conquering twelve world bosses necessitates extensive travel across the world to locate them. It is vital to be adequately equipped and possess the right skills for each boss encounter.
  • Ancestral Unique Items must be obtained through dungeons, world bosses and various challenges in order to equip at least eight Ancestral Unique Items simultaneously as part of the Avatar of Sanctuary’s Might feat.
  • Blessed Mother Departed: To eliminate the Echo of Lilith in World Tier 4, your character needs to be exceptionally well-equipped. This particular objective within the Season Journey is among the most challenging, so be ready for a formidable test.

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