Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages: Clarified


Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages: Harry Potter Legacy One of the numerous collectibles in the Harry Potter RPG are revelio sheets, which may be difficult to understand. After the introduction, you’ll likely discover a few of them, and as you would guess, you’ll need to utilise Revelio to locate them. But how exactly do they function?

In Hogwarts Legacy, revelio pages fall under the same classification as field guides and flying pages, but they also vary somewhat. You might have noticed that Revelio pages in particular are monitored in-game, as each one offers a tiny bit of lore about the subject in question, whether it’s something like the Great Hall, which every Harry Potter fan knows and recognises in the open-world game, or a cluster of beehives in a hamlet miles away from the castle. The following information is pertinent to the collectible.

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Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages: What are they?

Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages

Revelio papers are valuables in Hogwarts Legacy that can only be seen by casting it using the R key on PC or left on the d-pad on controller. Until you cast it, you’ll only see a shadowy figure. For it to appear, you must be close to the page and facing it.

Hogwarts Legacy Revelio Pages: How to Collect?

The Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Highlands Legacy Revelio has 150 pages. They’re often located near sites like Hogwarts’ Central Hall Fountain, Hogsmeade’s Ollivanders Wand Store, and The Highlands’ Feldcroft Well. Collecting one earns 80 Points and advances the Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages challenge.

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