Grimace Race Codes (May 2024) McDonald’s character

Grimace Race Codes (May 2024): Grimace Race is a Roblox game in which players race each other to reach the finish line first. Inspired by McDonald’s character Grimace, players can collect powerups and pets that help them win faster.

To play Grimace Race on Roblox, players first need to create an account. Once created, they can search for and click on “Grimace Race”, loading up the game automatically so they can begin racing right away!

Grimace Race Codes
Grimace Race Codes (May 2024) McDonald's character

Grimace Race codes (Working)

Here are the active Grimace Race codes as of May 2024:

CodeReward Description
codedogCodeDog pet (NEW)
codekittyCodeKitty pet (NEW)
NEWPET2290uTube Broli Pet
CodeHydraFree rewards
OPPET891uTube Boku Pet
NEWW2Win Potion
Y125911uTube Dragon Pet
YTMR289uTube Dragon Pet
YTME1456uTube Bunny Pet
RELEASEFree rewards

How to use Grimace Race codes

Follow these steps to use Grimace Race codes:

  • Launch the Grimace Race game.
  • Simply click on the Codes button.
  • Enter the code into the textbox.
  • Click on “Verify”.

Where to find Grimace Race codes

Grimace Race coupons can be found in a few different places:

  • The official Grimace Race Discord server
  • The official Grimace Race Twitter account
  • Roblox news websites and forums

Final Words

Grimace Race coupons provide gamers with a efficient method for accessing complimentary in-game rewards. These codes allow players to procure pets, powerups, and various items, enhancing their ability to achieve victory in races. For a prompt and effective accumulation of Grimace Race coupons, it is recommended that players become part of the official Grimace Race Discord server or monitor its Twitter account for supplementary cheats.

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