For Honor Codes for Free Coins FREE Steel April 2024

Hello there! For Honor Codes offers several promo codes which can be redeemed in-game to unlock special bonuses and discounts; here we provide an updated list of active ones available through Ubisoft website redemption.

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For Honor tells an epic narrative of warriors struggling for survival in an inhospitable region after an event has upended their world and forced them into fighting each other to survive. After having faced off on equal terms for so long, their ranks finally turned against each other as each turned against the others for sustenance and survival.

Knights, Vikings and Samurai remain embroiled in conflict hundreds of years later. For Honor’s campaign may feature war cry cries and clashing armour, yet players will find its chaotic setting has heart.

For Honor Codes for Free Coins FREE Steel 2023

Where can I get Free For Honor Keys?

We have compiled a comprehensive guide on legitimate ways to get free For Honor codes.

First: 20% Off Discount Code for Ubisoft

Uplay points may be used for discounts on future purchases from Ubisoft via a unique reward programme.

Azarus benefits.

In-game products and other gaming-related merchandise may be purchased using AZA credits. Simply by providing correct answers to challenge questions, you may earn AZA credits.

For Honor Codes for Free Coins FREE Steel

How do I accumulate AZA points?

  • Visit Azarus and sign in using your Twitch credentials.
  • After logging in, you’ll be able to see the current Azarus streams and the number of questions in each.
  • Pick the one that piques your curiosity the most.
  • One credit will be awarded for each right answer given while streaming.
  • Once you have enough credits, go to the Shop menu and choose the item you want to purchase: more credits, more boosters, or more game packs.

With AZA credits, players may buy unique virtual objects and virtual currency inside games. You may get your hands on Lazarus loot by successfully solving challenges.

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How to Redeem For Honor promotional codes?

You may use the Azarus promo codes for For Honor goodies in the Ubisoft store.

  • To redeem your Honor Points, visit the Redemption Center.
  • Pick your gaming system and enter the coupon codes we provided above. To continue, hit the SEND IN MY CODE button.
  • WARNING: When you choose a console, you’ll be taken to the appropriate website to connect your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. Each account may only use up to 10 codes.
  • For Honor is an action fighting game set in a fictional mediaeval era. The Iron Legion, the Warborn, the Dawn Empire, and the Wu Lin are the four factions from which players may choose to assume the role of their character.

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