Fall Guys Mobile: Unlimited Knockout 2024

Fall Guys Mobile: At this point, Fall Guys Mobile seems a no-brainer and indeed one is in development! Before making a dash for either App Store or Google Play keep this in mind: the game currently only exists within China any others you encounter are likely scam seeking to exploit its popularity by creating false evidences of existence and exploit the popularity of Fall Guys character and popularity by exploiting any similarities that they share with it.

That does not preclude a mobile version of Fall Guys from being made available soon in other nations however. As the game has proven so popular with fans worldwide, developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver will likely want to capitalize on its success while it lasts, especially considering it sold seven million copies on Steam and became the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time.

Date of Mobile Release for Fall Guys

Fall guys mobile

Fall Guys will soon be making its debut on mobile devices but only China has confirmed this fact yet. Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners recently tweeted out to announce this development via his account @DanielAhmad_NIKO on Twitter & stated that an enhanced mobile version will soon be made available for playback.

Bilibili offers you the ability to pre-register for Chinese edition of Fall Guys on mobile. iOS and Android users will require an account in order to pre register their devices.

Mediatonic has stated their intent to release Fall Guys on Android and iOS as well as additional platforms and regions – initially they will focus on PC and PS4 versions for now.

But we have good news if you want to play Fall Guys while on-the-go: we recently learned that it will be released on Nintendo Switch this year with cross-platform play! Exciting!

Why are there so many Fall Guy clones?

On October 17, Fall Guys issued a warning via Twitter that customers should not trust mobile advertisements of Fall Guys as these scams often involve smartphones with mouse cursors embedded into them – something only available via PC and PS4. They even included a screenshot demonstrating one such scam with its clearly visible mouse cursor on a smartphone display screen!

If you’re hoping for a smartphone version of Fall Guys, be prepared for disappointment. Fake download links can be found on Google, while poorly produced Fa-ll Guys mobile clones seem to increase by the week.

If you’re hoping for a smartphone version of Fall Guys, expect to be disappointed. Faulty download links may be found on Google and more and more poorly produced F-all Guys mobile clones are emerging each week.

Can I watch FallGuys on my phone?

Play Fall Guys on your mobile device by streaming from PC or console; all that is required to get playing is an installed console, reliable internet connectivity and an external controller.


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