Through Buddy, “Elf” Makes Fun of Disabled Adults 2023

Elf Movie Disabled: One of the most watched Christmas movies of all time is undoubtedly Elf. However, it did not hold up with time, just like many other Christmas movies. People are becoming increasingly conscious with the passage of time that jokes made at the expense of another person’s fundamental feelings are not funny.

The internet has been criticising these films and TV shows that have not been as popular with today’s youth as they were a few decades ago. A good illustration is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It is unquestionably the most adored TV show ever made, yet the flashbacks to Monica’s background contain a lot of nasty fat jokes that people now think are unnecessary.

Elf Movie Disabled

Even in comparison to his fellow elves, Buddy’s passion for Christmas is extraordinary, so it makes sense that the movie’s holiday cheer seeps through the screen and into the audience’s hearts. The movie has made over $220 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. But in 2021, less of the Elf movie was broadcast on TV as a result of the jokes about the physically disabled people that were in it.

Explaining: ELF Movie Disabled

Many people have said the movie offends them, with some saying they couldn’t even sit through more than 10 minutes of it. Many people have also claimed that the character “Buddy” in the movie seems to be making fun of disabled adults.

elf movie disabled

A Man’s Friend elf brought you up

His toy-making abilities are subpar, so he is forced to accept a job requiring “special motions.”The adjective “special” is commonly coded as “different and less than” everyone else and is applied to people of other sizes who have physical and cognitive limitations. As the plot thickens and becomes increasingly unpleasant, the film appears to be just inappropriate for many individuals. But ultimately, we all understand that it’s only a movie.

The movie has moved into a potentially dangerous area for viewers, and if they are particularly challenged, it will go tragically wrong for them because of the way they approach the movie. The movie’s creators appear to be clearly experiencing the agony, even though we are unsure if the plot will change at this point. It appears that the movie has been the subject of online criticism for a while.

After its 2003 debut, “Elf” quickly gained popularity as a modern Christmas film. However, even now, more than 20 years later, we are perplexed by the disrespect for those with cognitive issues that it demonstrates. As a result, it was chosen as the Christmas movie with the biggest budget.

Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy, was raised as an elf at the North Pole and has little experience with normal life. He sets out for New York City in search of his birth father after unintentionally overhearing that Walter Hobbes (James Caan), a grumpy publisher in need of some lessons in love and kindness, is human. Elf Movie Disabled

It’s 2023. You can not accept the Elf movie. Unavailable Jokes

Simply said, don’t watch it if you don’t like it. True, but when you keep quiet, you are implicitly implying that something is acceptable when it isn’t. Not that we endorse the “cancel culture,” which has spread over the world and denies writers any creative freedom. But this is not something that a person in the twenty-first century should do. The video will be viewed for years to come, but what’s crucial is that we teach youngsters that such behaviour is unacceptable and that individuals with disabilities merit greater respect on par with everyone else. That’s presumably the reason why many TV networks in 2021 didn’t air The Elf Movie over the Christmas season.

Whether by design or not, Buddy in “Elf” makes fun of people who are disabled. Like Buddy, some people with cognitive impairments have faith in Santa and the holiday spirit. Their pleasure makes people who care about them happy. People who appreciate the value they provide to the world are less prone to openly criticising them.

After Buddy moves to Manhattan, his own father, Walter, never stops calling him derogatory names. Buddy is pressured by Walter to undergo a paternity test at the doctor’s office, and Walter tells the doctor that Buddy is “certifiably mad.” Later in the movie, Walter describes his son to his wife as a “deranged elf man.” Even when Walter declares his love for Buddy at the conclusion of the film, he calls him “chemically unstable.”

Elf cannot be a sentimental story of acceptance since Buddy is never fully embraced for who he is by one of the most significant people in his life. The movie never explicitly indicates that Buddy has a disability, even if it would have given it more impact.

Whether by design or not, Buddy in “Elf” makes fun of people who are disabled.

Although it is obviously apparent, Buddy’s disability is never explicitly mentioned. If “Elf” had said something hurtful about a cognitive difference, it would have had to take responsibility for it. That would entail eliminating a lot of verbal and physical comedy that isn’t funny despite being intended to be.

A few people laugh at Buddy eating cotton balls, running toward moving taxi cabs, or even exposing a department store Santa as a fake. We wished he had a stronger support system in place as a result of these incidents. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to create a joke about a disability. The only thing left to do is to inform those with disabilities that they are also part of the joke. The simplest way to do this is to cast disabled actors in disability roles.

Another option would have been for a character in the movie to approach Walter about the insults he constantly directs at Buddy. However, that time never comes. The lesson would have been stronger if Buddy had been able to defend himself by the film’s conclusion. If author David Berenbaum had given all of his attention to Buddy’s empowerment, it would have been a rare and noteworthy act of solidarity for the disabled population. Instead, “Elf” resorts to tired clichés in search of laughs.

In “Elf,” Buddy unquestionably saves Christmas, but he also had the opportunity to become his own hero. Instead, his supposed disability is treated as an afterthought in the movie, which may be a terrible allegory for how society frequently views people with disabilities.

Filmmakers should be careful about how they show disabled people in movies and on TV in the future, even if they are making a Christmas movie that is supposed to be fun.

They ought to keep in mind that making fun of someone’s disability is never amusing. When society as a whole accepts this, it will be possible to make a new Christmas classic that lives up to the praise that “Elf” has received.


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