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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Review: On May 6, 2022, audience around the world were transported to another planet for an incredible view. But Dr. Strange has his own devoted fanbase; for his carelessness and attitude alone he’s earned himself some serious followers. Sam Raimidhi used a unique horror filmmaking style with plenty of dark tones throughout this picture for added effect. So let’s dive right in and assess whether Multiverse of Madness, is worth your time or not!


doctor strange in the multiverse of madness mother's day 2024

Dr. Strange in the Madness Multiverse Stephen Strange recounts his former wife Christine Palmer’s tale, during which an unseen interdimensional octopus causes havoc at a wedding and Strange ultimately defeats it while saving America Chavez. Meanwhile, Strange discovers she possesses the power of travelling around the Multiverse and sets out on an adventure with her to face a new foe within it.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Mother’s Day 2023

Dr. Strange and the Multiverses of Madness stars Benedict Cumberbatch Chivetel Eziofeil, Elizabeth Ochsen and Kevin Feige in Sam Raimi’s directed and produced movie Dr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness.

Movie nameDr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness
DirectorSam Raimi
CastBenedict Cumberbatch, Chivetel Eziofor, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wang, Joachim Gomez, Michael, Michael, McAdams.
ProducersKevin Feige
MusicDanny Elfman
CinematographyJohn Mathison
OTT Release DateNot yet confirmed
OTT PlatformNot yet confirmed

In the Multiverses of Madness, how does the film Dr. Strange fare?

Sam Raimis Dr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness is a visual treat for moviegoers alike showing off his darker side which is less linked to viewers, yet still transports them to another dimension with Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange is a master of comedic timing and body languages. He achieved impressive feats while in another dimension, and the rest of his performance suited perfectly to their characteristics. The sights of Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are stunning but best viewed on large screens; plus, his Galaxy VFX chala look absolutely fantastics.

Director Sam Raimi failed to engage the audience; his narrative was poorly conveyed, the script and most multivars confused viewer, leaving many unanswered questions regarding the protagonist’s universes.

Finally, for an unforgettable cinematic experience Dr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness is a must see films.

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