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Did mangaowl get banned in 2023 Streaming website


Did mangaowl get banned, an online platform dedicated to reading manga, recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. After being banned in several countries – such as United Kingdom, US and Australia – leaving manga fans frustrated and devastated, this article intends to give readers an in-depth analysis of Mangaowl’s current status and what led up to their banage.

Did mangaowl get banned Explained

Mangaowl, which offers an expansive collection of manga comics from various publishers, has recently come under scrutiny by regulatory authorities over copyright infringement issues and publisher complaints about free distribution without their authorization, leading to massive financial losses and leading them to threaten legal action against Mangaowl resulting in several countries banning and blocking its access.


Mangaowl’s ban has caused great inconvenience among manga readers worldwide who relied on this website for accessing their favorite series. But it must be remembered that such measures were introduced in order to safeguard publishers against loss due to illegal distribution.

Did mangaowl get banned in 2023 Streaming website

MangaOwl Compete Shutdown

MangaOwl unfortunately shuts down in mid-2022 due to excessive tweets and copyright claims against their Manga collection.

MangaOwl’s original website owner had issued an announcement through Discord regarding her plans for MangaOwl and how this decision had come about.


Mangaowl.to provides users who miss MangaOwl an alternative site which works similarly. These users who desire the same manga reading feature should head straight there instead and use VyvyManga which was their official partner as they restore saved manga lists & bookmarks from within this service.

Reddit: Me too… Hearing of its closure really breaks my heart… I had sooooo many collections saved up on that site; at the very least I would like a screen shot so I know exactly what was saved up there and I hope they bring the site back soon enough!

Alternatives to Mangaowl

Mangaowl June not be easily accessible; however there are various other platforms which provide legal access to manga comics online, including:


Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is a well-known website offering legal manga and anime series. They boast an expansive library with new chapters available every week.

MangaPlus: MangaPlus is an international platform providing manga series published by Shueisha for free to viewers around the globe, with new chapters added weekly. It can be reached globally.

ComiXology: Amazon-owned platform ComiXology features an expansive library of comics and manga. Readers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial period before purchasing and downloading their favorite series.


Mangaowl’s suspension has caused great inconvenience among manga readers worldwide who relied on it for accessing their favourite series. But, understanding why Mangaowl had to close is crucial; protecting publishers was paramount at that point in time. While Mangaowl June no longer be accessible, many legal alternatives provide access to manga comics – so fans shouldn’t fret as they can still continue enjoying their favourite comic series without legal ramifications!

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