Darkest Dungeon 2 Tier List (May 2024): Best Heroes List

Darkest Dungeon 2 Tier List (May 2024): This highly anticipated sequel of the original Darkest Dungeon will put your strategic prowess and nerves of steel to the ultimate test! As you assemble a team of valiant heroes for this challenging experience, knowing which heroes are best equipped for what challenges await them is vitally important; our comprehensive Darkest Dungeon 2 Tier List can provide assistance here; here we explore various heroes’ strengths, weaknesses and roles they play within it – grab a torch, steel your resolve and let’s enter this adventure together!

Darkest Dungeon 2 Tier List

Prepare yourself for an in depth analysis of the heroes featured in Darkest Dungeon 2. With our tier list you will be able to make informed choices when creating your party and ensure it will have enough balance against any adversary to remain victorious!

Darkest Dungeon 2 Tier List

Tier S: The Legendary Champions

These heroes are the cream of the crop, possessing incredible abilities and versatility. They can turn the tide of battle single-handedly making them indispensable assets in your quest to vanquish the darkness.

  • Plague Doctor
  • Highwayman

Tier A: Reliable and Versatile

Tier B heroes might not possess the raw power of those in Tier S but they provide teams with reliable choices who can adapt quickly in various circumstances. Their presence forms the cornerstone of many successful teams and ensures long term survival.

  • Jester
  • Hellion
  • Man-st-Arms

Tier B: Solid Choices

Though not as notable as heroes from higher tiers, these adventurers still possess value. They may prove useful in certain circumstances but require additional support or synergy for them to reach their true potential.

  • Occultist
  • Leper
  • Grave Robber

Tier C: Niche and Specialized

These heroes offer unique skills that may prove indispensable in specific circumstances, yet do not possess the overall versatility and dependability of those found at higher tiers. While they can still make useful additions to your party be mindful of their limits when taking their advice into consideration.

  • Runaway

D Tier

  • D-tier doesn’t have any characters right now.


With our Darkest Dungeon 2 Tier List at your disposal, you have an invaluable tool for selecting and composing heroes for Darkest Dungeon 2. While tier rankings provide a general indication of a hero effectiveness it’s vital that each encounter requires its own tailored strategies based on specific requirements and encounter specificities. Experiment learn from success and failure alike and assemble an unrivalled team that complements your playstyle and preferences!

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