Criminality Codes (May 2024): Get New Codes

Criminality Codes (May 2024): In search of Criminality codes? This open-world Roblox game has just been released for free, following its initial premium launch. Consequently, we have gathered all the currently functional freebies, enabling you to acquire all the valuable rewards offered in the game.

We will not only provide a comprehensive list of Criminality codes,but also offer tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay experience.

What is Roblox Criminality?

Roblox Criminality is an open world combat game where players engage in combat until only one remains. At regular intervals of 15 minutes, players receive cash allowance that can be used to purchase weapons and resources needed for survival in this hostile environment. Unfortunately, however, gameplay isn’t straightforward – players must locate an ATM to deposit and withdraw funds; in case of death while carrying equipment or money all will be lost as well as part of any potential winnings being forfeited by way of death forfeitures.

Criminality Codes

As players kill opponents, they gain bounties that become targets for other participants. Delivering the final blow to one of these marked players could result in significant cash rewards; however, you must be wary that this achievement might become their target. Keeping a balance between caution and killing in order to survive is the essence of Criminality!

Criminality Codes (May 2024)

All working codes are provided below:

BYEBYE30k cash (new!)
250KL30k cash
200KLFree cash (new!)
SUMMER2023Free cash
BUGS01Free cash
175KL10k cash

Criminality Expired Codes

  • HALLOWS2021
  • CRIMV1.3
  • Thecodeis47k
  • SUMMER22

How Can I Redeem Criminality Codes?

All steps to redeem criminality are provided below:

  • Launch the Criminality game on Roblox using either the game page or the mobile app.
  • Enter a lobby and explore the open world environment.
  • Locate an ATM situated at the center of the map.
  • Interact with ATM by pressing the E key and choosing Redeem Code option.
  • Copy a code from our provided list and paste it into the designated field.
  • Click on Redeem button to proceed.
  • If the code is valid and active, you will receive a message specifying the items or features you have unlocked.

How to get more Criminality Codes?

To discover additional codes, it is recommended to follow CriminalityRBX and RVVZ on Twitter. They regularly share codes. Alternatively you can check this wiki for the latest updates on codes. Remember to bookmark page for future reference!

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