Cookie swirl c face reveal 2024: Age, Networth, Career, and More

Cookie swirl c face reveal 2023: CookieSwirlC is an internationally-recognized YouTuber best known for her upbeat and vibrant videos about toys, games and other engaging activities for children. Her upbeat attitude and lively videos have quickly won over fans of all ages; though her true identity remains unknown it is believed she operates from within the United States with millions of subscribers; many consider Cookie Swirl C as one of the most successful content creators targeting children; fans anticipate her unveiling as early as 2023!

Cookie Swirl C is a well-known YouTube personality known for her toy and gaming content. Her real name is Candace born March 14, 1997 in California on the west coast. She collected dolls from a young age.

Cookie swirl c face reveal

Cookie swirl c face reveal

Cookieswirlc revealed her face in a YouTube video called “Face Reveal! My Face Vlog with Dogs Cookie Swirl C” on October 3, 2017. As of today, the video has been watched 13,751,826 times. You can watch her Face Reveal video here.


At 16 years old, CookieSwirlC launched her YouTube channel “CookieSwirlC” to express her passion for toys with the world. Her first video featuring a Barbie fashion pack quickly went viral, motivating her to make more videos in future.

Over the years, her channel has seen incredible growth – now boasting 14 million subscribers. In her videos she talk about toys, plays game and gives viewers an inside look into her daily life.

Cookie Swirl C has even collaborated with major toy companies such as Mattel and Moose Toys to launch her own line of toys and merchandise. Furthermore, she released her own mobile game entitled “Cookie Swirl World.”

Due to her success on YouTube she has been featured in multiple media outlets such as Forbes magazine which recognized her as one of the highest-earning YouTube stars of 2018.

Cookie Swirl C has achieved great success through her passion for toys, inspiring and entertaining her viewers with captivating content.

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Cookie Swirl C Net Worth

CookieSwirlC is an American YouTuber and social media influencer who, as of 2023, boasts a net worth estimated to be $25 Million based on ads and brand partnerships on her social media accounts.

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More Details of Cookie swirl c

Real NameCandace
BirthdayMarch 14, 1997
Zodiac SignPisces
OccupationYouTuber, Toy Collector
YouTube ChannelCookieSwirlC
Number of Subscribers15.3 million
Content TypeToy unboxings, reviews, and gameplay videos
Social Media HandlesTwitter: @cookieswirlc, Instagram: @cookieswirlc, Facebook: CookieSwirlC
Awards and NominationsKids’ Choice Award for Favorite Gamer (2019), Shorty Award for Best in Gaming (2018)

FAQ about cookie swirl c face reveal

Who is Cookie Swirl C?

Cookie Swirl C is a popular YouTuber known for her fun and colorful videos featuring toys, games, and DIY projects.

When did Cookie Swirl C start her YouTube channel?

Cookie Swirl C started her YouTube channel in 2013.

What types of videos does Cookie Swirl C make?

Cookie Swirl C makes videos about toys, games, DIY projects, and other fun activities that children and families can enjoy.

What is Cookie Swirl C’s real name?

Cookie Swirl C’s real name is not publicly known.

How many subscribers does Cookie Swirl C have on YouTube?

As of february 2023, Cookie Swirl C has over 19.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

What is Cookie Swirl C’s most popular video?

Cookie Swirl C’s most popular video is “Shopkins Season 3 Giant Play Doh Surprise Egg” which has over 300 million views.

Does Cookie Swirl C have any merchandise?

Yes, Cookie Swirl C has a range of merchandise including clothing, toys, and accessories available on her website.

What age group is Cookie Swirl C’s content suitable for?

Cookie Swirl C content is suitable for children of all ages, although specifically caters to younger ones aged 4-12.


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