Channing Crowder Wife: Who is the wife of Channing Crowder?

Who is the wife of Channing Crowder? Of course, you’re familiar with the name Channing Crowder. As a former NFL linebacker, Fred Taylor joins Chad Johnson and Brandon Marshall on their podcast, I AM ATHLETE. Together with Taylor and Ryan Clark, he presently hosts the show The Pivot.

Crowder is a football veteran. His dad, defensive tackle Randy Crowder, was drafted by the Dolphins in the sixth round in 1974. Crowder also has a son with the same name as him, so maybe the Dolphins will have another Crowder in the future decade.

Channing Crowder Wife

Crowder’s out-of-the-blue remarks, cocky attitude, and propensity to veer off-script have made him a viral sensation on multiple occasions. Whatever you want to call him, this guy knows how to get the Internet talking.

The focus here is on his private life, particularly his relationship with Aja Crowder, rather than his antics.

Aja Crowder is Channing Crowder Wife

There are a lot of fans of famous people in fields like movies, sports, modelling, and so on. In the same way, fans of Channing Crowder are now looking for Channing Crowder’s wife. So we could see searches for Channing Crowder’s Wife, Channing Crowder’s Wife Name. Fans who want to know more about his relationships, height, age, and other things could use this article.

The things Channing Crowder has done in his career are well known. Fans of Channing Crowder want to know who he is married to or if he is dating anyone. Aja Crowder is Channing Crowder’s wife, according to reports. To learn more about Channing Crowder’s wife, click here. If you want to know who Channing Crowder’s girlfriend is, you can read this article.

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Channing Crowder Personal Life

Crowder is the son of Randy Crowder, a former NFL defensive lineman who was selected by the Dolphins in the sixth round in 1974. Channing and his wife Aja can be seen together on the Baller Wives episodes of the VH1 reality series.

Crowder’s truck smashed into a tree on January 23, 2008, after he skidded off a slippery exit ramp. He avoided injury but was arrested for reckless driving and fleeing the scene.

Crowder allegedly said he “couldn’t find London on a map” before the Giants-Dolphins game in London, England on October 27, 2007. Moreover, he later insinuated, he did not think any black people lived in London. Crowder said he wet his pants “every game” while in the NFL in a 2012 interview with NFL Films.

Although Crowder denied selling his shirts while playing college football for the Florida Gators, he implied as much on his new radio show on June 27, 2011.

On WQAM, he provided analysis during the 2011 NFL season. It was only just announced that Adam Kuperstein, news anchor for NBC-6, will no longer co-host a lunchtime show on WQAM. Then, from May 2017 until that month’s end, he co-hosted the WQAM afternoon show Hochman & Crowder, which had previously been Hochman, Crowder, and Krantz.

Along with Chad Johnson and Fred Taylor, he was a guest on Brandon Marshall’s podcast I AM ATHLETE. Now, he shares hosting duties for The Pivot with Taylor and Ryan Clark.

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