CDMA Workshop Latest Version V3.9.0 Free Tool

CDMA Workshop V3.9.0 can be downloaded here and an App called MSL Booklover on the marketplace will help locate your MSL. Unfortunately, this process only works for non-rooted devices – however it still provides a connection to your heart! Many thanks go out to FlexGrip for alerting us and their hard work developing this CDMA app! Download now:

CDMA Workshop and another process do not seem to be working together; rather, CDMAWorkshop works independently from each other in its own process. When scanned by an antivirus program, CDMAworkshop appears as if it has a virus as the changes made to its creative file, yet it is in fact completely legitimate and runs within its folder without needing activation for use. CDMA Workshop 3.9 Free download Full Edition

CDMA Workshop Download Latest Version V3.9.0 Free Tool

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About CDMA Workshop?

CDMAworkshop is an advanced software service designed to work with CDMA devices such as smartphones, laptops, fixed terminals and data cards – including CDMA 800/900/IxEVDO/GSM/WCDMA/LTE etc. CDMA is free and easy to program or re-program on your Computer without requiring ministerial privileges. With CDMAworks you have everything you need for fast unlocking of devices from phones to computers!

CDMAWorkshop is an advanced, universal service software designed to work with any CDMA 450/800/1900/1xEVDO / WCDMA / GSM / UMTS / HSDPA / LTE phones, smartphones, tablets and fixed terminals based on any Qualcomm and compatible chipset.

It provides the necessary tool to quickly and easily program CDMA devices into any network, unlock or fix ESNs, MEIDs, IMEIs – including user lock, SPC MSL FSC OTKSL Minlock SIM-lock etc., all with ease!

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CDMA Workshop Download Latest Version V3.9.0 Free Tool

Name: CDMA Workshop latest version free
Size: 4.56 MB
Link: Visit Here

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CDMA Workshop new version release

CDMA Workshop is user-friendly and doesn’t need administrative rights on your computer to use. It features all major functions necessary for full functional work with CDMA devices, making it a “must have” program for any serious technician, cellular / repair shop and dealer – highly recommended!

Do you know when the new version of CDMAWorkshop will be released? Absolutely, we are almost there. In this year, our goal is to delight users with an even stronger CDMA Workshop version. Additionally, a special Apple tool will be released when everything has been finalized and tested thoroughly.

CDMA Workshop 3.9 Full Version Free Tool

CDMA Workshop Download Latest Version V3.9.0 Free Tool
  • The drivers have to be mounted on windows 7 64bit.
  • I hope that posting is beneficial and appears to be different for the majority of users.
  • The Project Manager may be approved in the same way but it will be different in some way.
  • Some may hold the same discourses.
  • The complete version of the CDMA Workshop has been provided below.

Support Operating System

  • Windows 98
  • NT
  • 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Vista 2003
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (both x32 and x64).
  • Window 10 (both x32 and x64)

Supported Interfaces:

COM (serial), USB, USB-to-COM converters, any kind of Uniboxes.


Modemfiles will never charge you for making unauthorized changes to your modem firmware. Furthermore, if you require a specific Huawei Dongle/ Pocket WiFi or MiFi-related firmware, simply comment on it when available – then it will be released. All firmware files posted on are free and needn’t be purchased; all are available without cost or charge to you.

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