Anime Dimension Codes (May 2024): Get All Working Codes

Anime Dimension Codes (May 2024): In Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator players have the opportunity to create their own Anime character who embarks on a journey across various dimensions within popular Anime worlds. The objective is to engage in battles against characters from well-known Anime series, collect new characters, unlock additional dimensions and enhance your character abilities by utilizing cards obtained from these dimensions.

If you are seeking gems and boosts to upgrade your characters, you can refer to our Anime Dimensions codes list. To redeem codes in Anime Dimensions Simulator, instructions can be found below the codes list. Bookmark this page by clicking CTRL+D or using the Add to Bookmark icon on mobile.

Anime Dimension Codes

What is Roblox Anime Dimension?

Anime Dimensions is a game that allow players to explore a variety of anime worlds and fight anime inspired bosses until they emerge victorious. The game also offers ability to collect popular character from anime classics such as Naruto, Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan among others which can be leveled up using special cards acquired within the game dimensions.

Anime Dimension Codes (Working)

All active codes are provided here below:

LEVEL CODEGemsRaid TokensBoosts
200200100all boosts
1AK8ARI810075all boosts
18FAM710075all boosts
A1Q8U6A10075all boosts
1CU8RSE510075all boosts
1PA8ST4A10075all boosts
W1OLF8MAN310075all boosts
F1RU8I2T10075all boosts

Expired Codes

ESPER163100 Gems, all boosts
LOVE300 Gems, all boosts
1TEN6GU2100 Gems, all boosts
16RE1D100 Gems, all boosts
YO1R60100 Gems, all boosts
15VI9O100 Gems, all boosts
WO1R58LD100 Gems, all boosts
1TO57NJURO100 Gems, all boosts
WANO300 Gems, all boosts
1WA5TE6R100 Gems, all boosts
1S5LAYER5100 Gems, all boosts
SUN300 Gems, all boosts
1BATT5LE4100 Gems, all boosts
1Y5ZENS3100 Gems, all boosts
WORLD100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens, and all boosts
C1URS52ED100 Gems, all boosts
SA1G5E1300 Gems, all boosts
BANKAI300 Gems, all boosts
NEWYEAR300 Gems, all boosts
HA1T50SU100 Gems, all boosts
1AL4TE9R100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
1PRIES4TESS8100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
K14IN7G100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
GIFT200 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
CONTR14OL6100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
1FIE45ND100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
ULTRA100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens, and 20 minutes of all boosts
1J4I4N100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
1CHA4INS3AW100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
PO1CHIT42100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
CHAINSAW2100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens, and 20 minutes of all boosts
1N40OMI200 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
RED139100 Gems, 30 minutes of all boosts
CHAINSAW100 Gems, 100 Raid Tokens,

How Can I Redeem Anime Dimension Codes?

To redeem a code in Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator follow these steps:

  • Open Roblox and launch Anime Dimensions Simulator.
  • On the main screen of the game locate the Twitter icon.
  • Click on the Twitter icon.
  • A new window or pop-up will appear with a field that says Enter Code.
  • Enter the provided code into the Enter Code field.
  • Click on the Submit or Redeem button to apply the code.

Where Can I Get More Anime Dimension Codes?

For additional codes it is recommended to follow Coolbulls on Twitter as they are the developer of the game. Another option is to join official Discord server for the game Albatross Games Discord. Alternatively you can also bookmark this wiki page where all the newly added codes will be updated.

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