Adrianah Lee Believes Twitch Should Ban Mizkif

Adrianah Lee was blunt about Mizkif’s Twitch comeback and future. Adrianah Lee, another Twitch broadcaster, voiced her opinion that Mizkif should be banned after his comeback. Mizkif is on leave from OTK while a third-party investigates his alleged cover-up of CrazySlick’s sexual assault on Adrianah Lee. Mizkif’s return is the latest development in a case that has dominated Twitch for almost a month and may not be resolved for some time.
In September 2022, Mizkif was accused of covering up fellow streamer CrazySlick’s alleged sexual assault of Adrianah Lee at a party in Austin, Texas, in January 2020. Maya Higa was also accused of influencing Adrianah Lee’s statement days after the party to cover up the attack. OTK put CrazySlick’s co-founder on leave and launched a third-party inquiry, which is still continuing.

Adrianah Lee on Mizkif

Adrianah Lee
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Adrianah Lee discussed Mizkif’s comeback to Twitch on Keemstar’s Mom’s Basement show. She expressed her dissatisfaction with his return, claiming it shows how audiences see female streamers on a male-dominated site. Adrianah Lee then said she supported Twitch banning Mizkif due to the nature of the accusations.
After three weeks off Twitch due to charges and inquiry, Mizkif reappeared in early October 2022. His comeback broadcast peaked at 60,000 viewers, but he did not mention CrazySlick, his charges, or the inquiry, stating he was warned not to discuss anything while the investigation was ongoing. Despite this, other streamers, like Hasan Piker and Wolfabelle, criticised his seeming nonchalance, saying he shouldn’t have gone live.

Twitch has banned Mizkif before. In 2020, he and fellow OTK founder Esfand were banned for seven days for making obscene comments about a female content provider. Given Adrianah Lee’s allegations and the investigation’s outcome, some viewers may claim that Mizkif’s Twitch days are over.

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