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Battlerite Champion Tier List In May 2023: Best Heroes List


Battlerite Champion Tier List in May 2023: Win every match with top-tier heroes and prove your dominance in Battlerite. The most recent Battlerite tier list is provided below for your reference.

Battlerite matches have the potential to reach high levels of tension and rivalry. Studying the game’s fundamentals and the game’s rich pool of champions is essential if you want to consistently outperform your opponents.

We have made a list of all the champions in Battlerite ranked from best to worst to help with this. Consider this a road map to help you select the characters you want to use and spend time learning.

Battlerite Champion Tier List

About: Battlerite Champion Game

Battlerite is Stunlock Studios’ action-packed team arena combat. Players can choose a hero with unique powers and playstyles for a fight. Asking about a Battlerite champion?

Battlerite Champion Tier List 2023

AlysiaRangedS – TIER
AshkaRangedS – TIER
JadeRangedS – TIER
PolomaSupportS – TIER
TayaRangedS – TIER
CroakMeleeA – TIER
RaigonMeleeA – TIER
RookMeleeA – TIER
Shen RaoRangedA – TIER
ShifuMeleeA – TIER
VareshRangedA – TIER
BlossomSupportB – TIER
FreyaMeleeB – TIER
PearlSupportB – TIER
PestilusSupportB – TIER
Ruh KaanMeleeB – TIER
ThornMeleeB – TIER
BakkoMeleeC – TIER
DestinyRangedC – TIER
IvaRangedC – TIER
JamilaMeleeC – TIER
SiriusSupportC – TIER
UlricSupportC – TIER
EzmoRangedF – TIER
JumongRangedF – TIER
LucieSupportF – TIER
OldurSupportF – TIER
ZanderSupportF – TIER

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We’ve finished discussing Battlerite’s top Heroes for now. If you liked my tier list, share it; if not, I apologise for ranking your beloved figure so low.

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