Apple's unveiling of the Apple Watch Ultra included a demo of a revamped and more feature-rich Compass tool

which is, as it turns out, also accessible for use with older Apple Watch models via watchOS 9.

watchOS 9 includes the revamped Compass app to the Apple Watch Series 5 and later and the Apple Watch SE.

The updated Compass app now includes an analogue compass that gives a digital readout of your location and heading

Marking points of interest with the Compass app's Waypoints function,

with colours and symbols of your choosing, is possible with an Apple Watch Series 6 or later and a watch equipped with a GPS

Using the Waypoints app, you may add a little marker to your present location, 

and all Waypoints will appear on the main Compass screen so you can easily navigate back to them.

If you have a Series 6 or newer, you can also make advantage of the new "Backtrack" function.

If you become lost, you can use Backtrack to retrace your steps using the app's built-in GPS.

Apple Watches from Series 4 and later can update to watchOS 9 right now.