Update Google Nest Mini and Nest Audio smart speakers

A smart speaker like this one is intended to be as user-friendly as feasible.

After the initial configuration, the settings largely disappear. It's also true that updates have the same limitations.

When a latest version of Google Home or Google Home Mini is released, 

all of Google's speakers, including the older ones, should update immediately. 

 To be fair, it will always take time for every device on the market to be updated,

 just like it does with Android updates for Google's Pixel phones.

Google Nest speakers can be updated manually. First conduct a factory reset, then setup the speaker as new.

While the speaker is being set up, the speaker should check for and apply any available updates.

 If an update is being installed, the device's LEDs will flash in the same sequence as indicated above. In other words, let it alone till it's finished.