Is it Risk-Free to Use the Tor Browser? Learn how the incognito mode of your browser functions

Picture Credit: Tor Browser

To avoid leaving digital footprints when exploring the web, download Tor Browser, a free, anonymous browser.

Due to the fact that it encrypts all data sent and received and regularly purges user data, including their browsing history.

The browser is used to access the dark web, which is not publicly accessible.

Due to triple-layer encryption, the browser connection is slower and sites load slower.

Tor Browser works on all os and Android phones.

The US Navy created the service to allow anonymous military communication.

How Tor Works?

Tor transmits user data to different "nodes" and encrypts communication one layer at a time.

If someone tries to identify a device, they will only find the last server (or node) the data flow traveled through.

Third-parties can't identify Tor Browser users.

Is Tor Safe to use?

Yes it is risky to use because the user is also exposed to risks such as virus contraction and invasion of privacy when using this web server