NASA says the Supermoon will be visible from July 13-15.

The biggest Supermoon of 2022 occurs tonight. This year will see four full Supermoons, the third this week.

NASA predicts August 12 for the next Supermoon.

Supermoons occur when a full moon is 90% of perigee, the moon's closest point to Earth.

According to NASA, the Supermoon will be seen beginning on Wednesday, July 13, and will continue to be visible for the following three days.

It is also known as the "buck supermoon" because the antlers of buck or male deer begin to grow out of their foreheads at this time of year.

The Supermoon is also known as the Thunder Moon because of the abundance of thunderstorms that occur during this time of year.

The term "supermoon" does not imply that the lunar object in question possesses any special abilities; rather, it simply denotes that it will appear larger and brighter than usual.

This phenomenon occurs due to the Moon's close proximity to Earth (known as perigee).

It was in 1979 that astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term "supermoon."