All aspiring pirates should report for Sea Of Thieves Season 7

Community Day to gain free and discounted cosmetics and boosted gold and spawn rates.

The Sea Of Thieves Season 7 Community Day begins

At 6:00 AM ET/2:00 PM PT on September 17 and lasts 24 hours.

During Season 7 Community Day, gold and reputation are multiplied.

The more tweets with the hashtag #SeaOfThievesCommunityDay, 

The event multiplier increases up to 2.5x.

Don't wait until Sea of Thieves Gold Rush on Community Day to sell loot.

Players will see more ancient skeletons after attaining

the fifth and final Community Emissary level.

These coins can be used to buy Sea of Thieves Ancient Coins at the Pirate Trade Center.

Community Day also offers a small selection of free cosmetics.

Twitch Drop: Play a Sea of Thieves streamer for one hour to get the Gold Plated Phoenix Shell.