Google Maps in Europe will allow users choose the greener route over the shortest one this week.

Google claims the new function will emerge in more than 40 countries.

Google didn't say which counties will be affected.

Germany was included alongside Canada in a prior upgrade. With 44 countries in Europe, everyone but 3 should now have access.

Google Maps eco-friendly route comes to Europe.

With its introduction in more European regions, Google Maps' eco-friendly route option has no new features or additions. It will work as it has elsewhere.

Google will now recommend the most fuel-efficient route to customers.

That means routes with a steady pace. When feasible, less stops and traffic.

It also includes routes with less elevation change. Other factors are considered, too.

These routes are default. So consumers need to do nothing to use the feature. Google designates eco-friendly routes with a leaf-shaped icon.

Google Maps app settings allow users to disable the mode. Or, users can navigate using the indicated roads.

The eco-friendly route isn't always the fastest, so app users should check arrival times.