Danesh was a singer-songwriter, actor, and movie producer from Scotland.

Picture Credit: Instagram 

His full name was Darius Campbell Danesh.

Danesh was found dead on August 11 at his residence near the Mayo Clinic.

Death cause of Darius Campbell Danesh revealed.

The singer and actor, who was 41, died after he breathed in chloroethane, also called ethyl chloride.

which is a painkiller that can be used for pleasure, and "suffocation" also played a role in his death.

The Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner's Office says that his death was an accident.

Local police found "no signs of purpose or strange circumstances," according to a statement made by his family.

Gerard Butler attended Darius's burial at Bearsden, Glasgow, at the end of August.

After hearing the news of his "close friend's" sudden demise, Gerard wrote an emotional homage to him.